Monday, June 16, 2008

You Want Chicken With Those Fries?

One night last week, I was making burgers and fries.

I cook 4/5 work/week nights, so I like to alternate the 'side dishes' a bit. Some nights pasta, some nights rice, some nights potato, some nights it's other stuff, and some nights plain 'ol fries.

That particular night it was burgers and plain 'ol fries. Or so I thought.

I recently started buying a new 'type' of fries from a reputable distributor. I've always bought this brand, just never this crispy type in their new packaging. Alec really liked them, so I picked it up again this past grocery trip.

Burgers were on, I grabbed the fries out of the freezer, tore open the corner of the bag and spread the edges only wide enough to shake out what was needed, when something caught my eye.


Feel free to click on images to enlarge.

I looked at the front of the bag again... just to make sure I hadn't picked up some new type of 'Chicken & Fries in a Bag' type of meal.


I did pick up the wrong bag of fries. I grabbed Spicy, instead of Crispy. Innocent mistake, they were in the same colour bag.

But that was definitely a piece of chicken... sitting in my bag of fries.

It looked like a big piece of Spicy Southern Fried chicken actually. In my bag of fries.

Again a quick glance at the front of the bag. Nope. Not losing it, there is no mention of chicken on the front of the bag. Nowhere did it say in big bold letters - "Look for the prize inside!"

There just happened to be a piece of chicken sitting in my bag of Spicy fries.

I didn't cook them. Or the chicken. I didn't even continue to open the bag. Simply stored it back in the freezer until I find the time to take it back to the store. I'm going to send the pic above - and most likely a link to this post lol - to the company. If nothing else than to share, cause it WAS kinda funny :-)

Conveyor belt mishap ... or the REAL secret of how the xxxx Fry Company seasons their Spicy fries?!?!?!?!

Wonder what I'll find in the mixed frozen veggies tomorrow night?!?!?!? ;-)

Have a good night all!



Sue said...

Wow that's odd. Can fries really be near the chicken like that? Wow.

Kim's Korner said...

Hey Sue. I have no idea ... but I'm going with the conveyor belt theory, cause I'd hate to think of the alternatives ... least of which that someone lost their lunch in my bag of fries!!! LOL

Bonnie said...

I would definitely contact the company. Once I bought a case of cans of Coke and one can was totally empty. I emailed Coke and they sent me coupons for 2 free cases!

CraftyLzrd said...

umm... yummy? Weird! lmao