Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swingin' into Swingtown

"We're STAYING! And I'm having a pot brownie!"

For some reason, this one line had me laughing out loud hysterically, all by myself, in my recroom on Thursday night.

It was a statement made during a new show called
Swingtown that's recently started on CBS. Thursday nights, 11pm (that's 10pm for my American friends).

Have you seen this show yet? No? OMIGOD!!!! WHY NOT?!?!?

Go over to CBS and watch the first 4 episodes. NOW!

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"After moving to an upscale lakeside Chicago suburb in July of 1976, Susan and Bruce Miller must confront temptation in the form of their provocative new neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker, while not abandoning their old friends Janet and Roger Thompson."

Just so everyone's clear on who's who ... In the pic above, Susan and Bruce are in the middle, Tom and Trina are on the left and Janet and Roger are on the right. MY left and right, not theirs ... clear? Good.

Tom and Trina are the 'experimental' new neighbours, Janet and Roger are ... well ... more or less The Cleavers :-) And Susan and Bruce are finding themselves somewhere in the middle, wanting to experiment with the temptations their new friends offer, while trying to hang on to their relationship with their old, more 'straight-laced' ones.

OK, let's discuss for a minute what specifically those temptations are...

Wife swapping ... orgy's ... and pot brownies!!! LOL

I've always said I was born in the wrong decade. I was born in 1971, so yes, I saw 'The 70's', but as a child, not as a young adult, experiencing all the world-change of the social and sexual revolution that the 70's brought. THAT should have been MY decade.

Although I'm sure it's probably a good thing I missed it. I might not have made it to 26 before having my first child. I most likely would have been arrested at some sort of rally or peace movement, and I undoubtedly would have been arrested by the fashion police too ... since I've always HATED bell bottoms and refused to wear them even when they came back in style a few years ago LOL.

This show is sort of like The Wonder Years - for grown ups :-)

It brings you back to a time when things seemed ... simpler. Yes, I believe consentual wife swapping, pot brownies, and kids selling their dad's Playboys for $1 a piece, seem like 'nothing' compared to the crap that has infested our latest generation.

Peace and love have been overtaken by hate and violence.

I blame the music of the 80's.

Kidding :-)

This show isn't for everyone though. That's always the case when strong moral values come into play, and of course, orgy's and qualudes aren't for everyone.

Not saying they're for me either (although pot brownies DO stand the test of time, generation after generation LOL), but I have thoroughly enjoyed the time travel this show takes me through. And the music!!! AWESOME!!! After each episode, they provide a list of songs that were played during the show, and you can listen to them on the
CBS website.

I skipped the whole Soprano's thing, skipped Sex & the City (didn't see ONE episode), haven't watched any of House, Grey's Anatomy ... none of the really 'hot' shows that have premiered in the last 10 yrs. Other than the CSI's of course :-)

But this one ... the trailers caught my attention and the pilot episode had me hooked!

The tension between Susan and Bruce's straight old friends, and experimental new ones is high, especially with Trina continually poking at Janet, and it keeps you wondering if Janet will 'cross that line' (or several lines!) to stay in her best friend Susan's new world. Sure this show is about sex, but I think it's evolving to be more about the importance of strong friendships also.

Straight Janet was the one who said "We're STAYING! And I'm having a pot brownie!" She then led the group on a skinny dipping adventure once the browinies had kicked in LOL. She doesn't want to lose Susan's friendship, and she's SO June Cleaver ... but will she take the plunge and be swingin' & swappin' by the end of the season? Will she and Trina EVER be 'friends'? Will Susan sleep with Janet's husband Roger?!?!?!??! Cause ya KNOW she curious ..... and so is he!

Guess we'll just have to watch to find out!

Swing on over Thurs night, 11pm and watch with me. I'll make the brownies ;-p

(kidding Mom!)



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