Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still Waiting? Good! Wait Some More!

We've already covered the fact I have no patience.

Remember those
MRI results my family member has been waiting for? Yeah. Still waiting.

I know I really shouldn't complain about our health care system. We actually have it pretty good, compared to the options available to our American friends. Not to mention the lack of health care services in general around the globe.

I can walk into any hospital and know I'm going to be taken care of. Regardless if I hold a little card that says 'insurance' or not. Sure, I may not get the private room, but I WILL be helped.

We do have 'Health' cards here. But I don't pay for it. I receive it because I'm a resident of this province. You are supposed to show your card anytime you go to the hospital, however, I've been there for myself and both boys and whatever is wrong gets fixed even if I don't happen to have the cards on me. I like that part of the system. And yes, I do have insurance for the private room ;-)

But our system still isn't perfect. Far from it! And sometimes, I'm simply left shaking my head.

My family member expected to have their results back this week. When they called the office, the receptionist told them the Dr was out all week, booked all next week, and will be packing up his practice and moving it to Montreal the week after that.

Um ... ok ... so what about those results?

With a very distinct 'not my problem, I'm outta here in two weeks' attitude, the receptionist stated 'He has a stack of results 6-8in thick sitting on his desk. He'll get to it when he gets to it, and I couldn't tell you when he'll get to it. That's if he gets to it before he goes.'

In the end, the option presented was to be placed on a waiting list, pay $10 and have all the medical files transferred to whichever docs servicing 'the list' are willing to take on a new patient. No guarantees.

OK, I understand the part about waiting to find a new GP, But. Um ... those results?

Results of MRI's and CAT scans, in my opinion, aren't like waiting to hear if the toe you stubbed on the end of the bed is broken, or simply badly bruised, and the most you'll suffer is the loss of a toenail, extreme foot pain if you decide to wear shoes, and a really ugly toe for awhile.

MRI results can have a bit more of a lifetime impact. Not always. Not necessarily in this particular case either. But I'm just sayin'.

This is where our health care system fails us. After having to wait months for the initial appointment, people are then reduced to 6+in piles of paperwork on a desk, then someone else's desk. All the while, the people in those piles are potentially getting worse, and should already be undergoing some form treatment.

Early detection makes a difference!

But what can ya do? Except wait some more.

Wait for the phone call that either says 'here's what you have, here's what you take to get rid of it.' or 'here's what you have, here's how you live with it.' or 'here's what you have, here's what we're going to do, we'll see what happens next ...'

What my family member has decided to do, is to go there first thing on Mon, in person, and ask for the results, again. Then they're going to start looking for a new doctor, now that this one is Montreal bound lol.

Geeze Doc ... when I said
Green Means Go, I didn't mean it LITERALLY!!!

Have a great weekend all!



Bonnie S. said...

Ohh that's quite a post. I work for Medicare in NB - and have heard this ALL before. While I have to totally agree that there are not enough doctors (especially specialists) in New Brunswick especially (the majority of our residents have to get treatment is YOUR province of NS so you are even luckier than we are) you have to wonder why there is a shortage of doctors. It's probably not PC of me to voice my concern on that where I work in this field (I could get myself in trouble), but let's just throw the word INCENTIVE (or lack of) around. LOL Funny though, when I had my health scare a year or two ago, I was lucky to get in quickly for CT Scans, MRI's and the whole works and had the results within days. I think even if your friends doc wasn't leaving, they should still find another one. I say the problem isn't necessarily the entire health care system but rather this particular doctor's office. I hope it all turns out well for your friends. :-)

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks Bon :-)

You know what? It's pretty sad that we have to worry about whether or not we voice our concerns over our medical system(s), even if we work in one! You have a voice like the rest of us, and have every right for it to be heard, regardless of WHO your employer might be.

But I hear ya ...

I think the incentive is lacking all over. We're losing doctors and having lots of rural offices closed as well.

And yes, the family member WILL be getting a new doc, regardless of whether this one ends up in Montreal or not.