Sunday, June 1, 2008

Canon Rocks!

Hey everyone!

This one's a Good News Story!

Two months before we separated, my ex gave me a Canon Powershot S1 IS for Mothers Day.

It was a GREAT camera and has been WELL USED the past four years. I love taking pictures, and do so at every opportunity.Shortly after this Christmas past , my camera died. I was very sad. I really loved my camera :-(

I debated what I should do. Take it in to be repaired, or simply buy a new one. Problem was, I knew my camera was a 'good' camera, I couldn't afford to get another one of the same quality on my Single Mom Budget.

So, a week before the Wrestlemania Event, I finally got off my butt and took it to the camera shop, hoping I'd be able to get it back by the end of the week, to have for that night.

No such luck :-(

The Repair Guy told me he could definitely fix my camera. It would cost $110, but he'd have to order the part(s).

I knew I wouldn't be able to afford another digital camera, of the quality I had, for $110, so I told him to go ahead and order the part, and let me know when it was ready. He said it would be a couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, he called.

He said "I have good news and bad news.'

I was already having a REALLY crappy day, so I replied, 'OK, give me the bad news first.' May as well get it over with I thought.

He said 'The parts that we need to fix your camera, are on back order in Japan, and they don't have an ETA on when they can get them here.'


'OK.' I answered. 'What's the good news?'

I could hear a smile in his voice when he replied, 'The good news is, I have a box sitting in front of me ... from Canon. They would like to give you a Canon Powershot S5 IS, to replace your camera.'


I thought about this for a second... 'A brand NEW camera? Or a refurbished one?'

'Brand new.' he said. 'Still in the box.'

'How much?' I asked.

He paused for a second, and said "$110... same price we were going to charge you to fix your camera'.

HOLY CRAP!!!! A brand new camera, three levels up from my original one, for the price of the repair costs. Holy crap! That was a $400+ camera, depending on where you bought it. Even if I found one on sale, it would still be $300 or more.

"OK!!!" I said. 'SOLD!!!!'

He said, 'I didn't think you'd argue with me on the bad news LOL'

Wow! A brand new Canon PowerShot S5 IS!!! I'm very pleased with my new baby, and VERY pleased with Canon! Most excellent customer service!!! THANK YOU!

I finally picked it up on Friday. I tried it out on Belle this afternoon :-) She didn't seem to mind posing lol.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, my back yard needs to be mowed!

Hmmmm - Now what did I do with that video camera I bought at the yard sale a couple of years ago... I wonder if it's a Canon... ;-)

Night all,


Sue said...

That's amazing! Wow! Congrats on the 'good news'!

Danie said...

I have a couple of Canons so I understand your joy. In fact, I got goosebumps. What a deal! Good for you!

Carrie said...

What a deal! I wish I would have asked you first how you liked the camera before I took the plunge. From about everyone I talked to, my Nikon is very similar to your Canon. YOU just got an awesome freaking deal! You are one lucky gal!

Claire said...

I love Canon cameras, I have a canon powershot A630 and use it to death :)

I wonder if mine will die and I get a shiny new one?


Kim's Korner said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks for the comment! :-)

I'm a canon girl too ... for life now LOL.

And yes, you can get a shiny new one if you try to repair it, and your parts are on back order in Japan ;-)