Monday, September 1, 2008

ANOTHER Random Act of Kindness?

Last week, I opened an envelope that was addressed to me. The cover letter was addressed to me, and meant for me, however, the accompanying documentation that was with it, belonged to SOMEBODY ELSE!!!

Sure, mail screw-ups happen all the time, but this screw-up provided me with personal information about this other person that, had I been a dishonest person, I could have done some SERIOUS damage with.

This was a SERIOUS mail screw up, and I'm guessing someone in a particular organization is going to be in some SERIOUS sh*t when when they were told of my phone call last week.

I try to be an honest person. I try to do the right thing. And I believe in fate.

The day after I got the package, I called the Organization to let them know of their error. We're talking the type of error that the media would have a field day with. Had I decided to go that route. Oh and believe me, the thought definitely crossed my mind because this was NEWS!!!

I did instead what I thought was the right thing. I called, told them of their error, and I will now mail the information back to them.

The fates decided to repay me later that morning for doing the right thing :-)

When I first got to the office that day, I put money in the parking meter.

When I went out for my morning 'fresh air break', I again put money in the meter. I had six minutes left at the time, so it popped up with "1:26". Good, an hour and a half until lunchtime, then I'd go down and put more $ in it.

I got to my vehicle at lunch and thought I must be standing in front of the wrong meter ... it was STILL showing "1:26".

HUH? Cool! My meter's broken! Free parking today!!!

I sat outside for a few minutes, enjoying the sunshine and new book I'd started.

Before going back up to the office, I thought I'd better check that meter, just in case it had started working again in the last 10 minutes.

I got to the vehicle, and it was showing "1:16".

HUH? Ok, it's not broken.

That means .... some very nice person decided to feed my meter for me after it had run out! I must have just missed them by minutes.

WOW! That's pretty cool!

I did my good deed by returning the documents, and the fates in turn had someone feed my run-out meter for me.

My co-worker disagrees. He thinks someone just put money in the wrong meter. Mine instead of theirs. I told him to 'get off my cloud' and let me enjoy the idea that someone did a random act of kindness!!! :-)

I still think what goes around comes around my friends ... let that be a lesson for those of you who have ever been mean or nasty to me! Ha! Ha! The fates will be coming back to bite you in the ass over that ... when you least expect it!


Be nice to people ... the fates are watching! ;-)



Sue said...

Awesome turnaround! Glad you did the right thing!

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks Sue! Me too! :-)