Monday, September 22, 2008

The Concert that ROCKED and SUCKED! - The Final Chapter

Alright, let's finish this puppy off!

For those of you just joining us, this is a continuation of the post So What Are You Gonna Do Now? - The Concert That ROCKED and SUCKED Part IV and the final entry in the series of events that started in The Concert That ROCKED and SUCKED!.


"What am I going to do now? I'm getting us to the damn concert! That's what I'm gonna do!"

I walked back into the Canadian Tire, looked at the manager who had helped us for the past couple of hours and said "Let's do it, call the tow truck please."

We had to wait another 20 minutes but finally the tow arrived. Within minutes we were hooked up and cruising down the highway at 120km in the cab with the tow truck driver :-)

It was just after 11am. There was no way we were going to make it for the start of the show, but we were definitely going to make it!

I have to take a minute to mention one more thing about the manager at the Canadian Tire. He had the guys look at my truck, called around to see if there was any way to get around the AC, called around for tow truck rates, put up with my .... attitude ... and you know what? I walked out of there almost 3 hours later and he didn't charge me a CENT!

I have to say, that was very nice of him.

I can't even chalk it up to the fact he had two smokin' desperate chicks in need of assistance, cause I was lookin' like something that had been chewed and slobbered on at that moment, remember?

I think he felt sorry for us LOL.

Whatever his reasons, I thought it was pretty cool of him to help us and refuse to take any payment I offered. Pretty cool.

We made it to my mechanic just before noon. Thankfully he was working that day!

I explained my ordeal and he said (with a chuckle and 'only YOU Kim!' shake of his head) to leave it with him and he'd see what he could do.

Next I called the ex and asked him to pick us up.

We sat in the truck. Waited. Listened as Mark Cameron took the stage. GO MARK!

The ex arrived about 20 min later, drove us to my house where I FINALLY got to jump in the shower and wash the last 24hours + of angst off of me!

When we were finally concert-ready, the ex and his friend were nice enough to drive us over to the site - Thanks Guys!. Of course there was some serious ass kissing involved prior to getting this ride ... but ... WE MADE IT!

Along with approx 30,000 others ... who got there before we did.

So our seats weren't the greatest, but Jimmy Rankin, Johnny Reid, Great Big Sea, Gretchen Wilson and Keith Urban definitely WERE!


After it was over, we left the grounds and headed for my office downtown.

That was the plan. We'd walk to my work, change, and store our 'stuff' at my desk. Then we'd take a bus across the bridge, then a cab to the club for the after party.

What we didn't figure on, was a bus that runs every 10 minutes during NORMAL daytime hours, only ran every half hour or so at 11:00 on a friday night.

What we also didn't count on, was the fact that cabs in Dartmouth, especially those from BOB'S TAXI, will NOT stop for two women on the side of the road trying to flag one down.

I'm not just talking a couple of cabs here. I could understand that with only a couple. they already had, or were on their way to pick up a fare.

But I counted over 10 cabs that night. Surely to god ONE of them could have picked us up!

We didn't look like vagrants. We didn't look like hookers. We looked like two chicks who needed a ride.

At one point, we even saw three cabs in the Tim's drive-thru and approached them. Not ONE would give us a ride.

Including one who LIED to us, saying he couldn't radio into dispatch and call us a cab, because everything was computerized.

Hello? Doh-Hole! That should make it easier!!!!

That was B-O-B-'S T-A-X-I

We actually ended up walking the whole way to the cab stop. Thankfully there was one within reasonable walking distance of where we got off the bus.

But if those cab drivers hadn't been such assholes, who were more interested in getting their freakin coffee than doing business ... we wouldn't have had to walk AT ALL!!!

And we wouldn't have been late for the after party dammit!

But we eventually made it to that too! And even managed to see Mark play! WOOHOO! Bonus!

We danced, we laughed, and since I didn't have to drive our butts home for once ... we DRANK Baby!!!!

At 2:30am I called my ex to pick us up again. At least I think that's what I asked him ... considering how many strawberry daiquiri's I had before closing ... I might have asked him something else that got him there within half an hour ... and had him muttering something about back seat stripping .... ? ;-)

They met us across the street from the bar, at the Tim's (anyone getting the picture I'm a coffee junkie yet?) and took our tired, partied out, semi-drunken butts home, and deposited us on my doorstep.

It had been a rough couple of nights. But I've said it before, and I'll say it again ...

"Going to the country concert of the summer, celebrating with strawberry daiquiri's & dancing at the after-party and the whole adventure we experienced to get there ... with my best friend at my side ... freakin' PRICELESS!!!!! ;-D"

And we'll do it all again NEXT YEAR!!! YE-HAW!

(hopefully minus the breaking down part!)


P.S. And my vehicle? My mechanic had it from Sat until the following Friday. He figured out how to get past the AC to get the other 'parts' working.

He charged me $50 for the fan belt ... and $22 labour. A total of $72. Nowhere near the "$1300-$1500" that satan had quoted me!

Yeah. Did I mention I LOVE my mechanic? ;-)

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