Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who Ever Said Concerts Were CHEAP?!?!?

Last weekend, our city held a huge Country concert. And those of you who know me, know I LUVS my country music!!!!

Now, you also know there's going to be about a 10 part blog post about this whole thing LOL, but I thought as a start, I'd share my mini concert breakdown with you ...

  • Concert tickets - $89

  • After-party tickets - $25

  • 8 Months - wait anxiously for concert

  • Gas for vehicle to pick up best friend the night before concert - $25

  • 60 Minutes - How long it takes to best friend's house.

  • Two giant bottles of water to feed the radiator on the way home ... this was when we thought we were 'just' broken down, and may still chance it home that night. - $5.50

  • 20 Minutes - How long it took for us to get from one gas station to another looking for help, which is a two minute drive ... at most.

  • 3.5 Hours - Amount of sleep I got after lying there wondering how we were going to get back home ... and in time for the concert and how much it was going to cost me to do so.

  • Tow truck back home the next morning - $225

  • Ride home and conversation with the tow truck driver - FREE! ;-)

  • Four Hours - How long it took from when we arrived at the garage at 8am (where we had dumped the vehicle at 12:30am), until we reached the garage here at home.

  • New fan belt to replace the one that fried - $60

  • New AC Compressor (and installation) to replace the one that fried on the way to best friend's house, which in turn fried the belt - $1000+ (haven't gotten the final estimate yet). THIS is why it was towed home!

  • 6.5 hours - Amount of time we caught of the concert and rocked our freakin' butts off!

  • Bus and cab fare to after-party from concert - $14.00

  • 2 hours - Amount of time it took for us to walk from the concert to my office building, change, dump our chairs and stuff at my desk - changing and 'stuff dumping' only took half an hour - walk to the bus stop and wait ... and wait ... and wait. Then ... trying to find a cab! Impossible!

  • Booze at after-party ... oh yeah ... there was booze! Especially after the last 24hrs! - $20

  • 2 Hours - How much of the after-party we were able to catch.

  • LOTS - of ass I had to kiss to get my ex husband to pick our stranded butts up when we got home, drive us to the concert, and pick us up at 2:30am from the party ;-) Thanks Paul & Mark!!!!

Going to the country concert of the summer, celebrating with strawberry daiquiri's & dancing at the after-party and the whole adventure we experienced to get there ... with my best friend at my side ... freakin' PRICELESS!!!!! ;-D


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