Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Concert That ROCKED! And SUCKED!

Last weekend, we had a huge Country Concert here in Halifax. This is the full story behind the post Who Ever Said Concerts Were CHEAP?!?!

Country Rocks! 2008
Approx 30,000 people attended

I'd had my ticket since the day they went on sale in December. I LUVS my country music! ;-)

The past two years, my best friend Cass and I have attended this same type of Country Rocks! concert held in a neighbouring province.

We've had a blast both years. Of course both events weren't without their mishaps, but overall, they ROCKED!

This year, it was in our own back yard! Would we be there? HELL YEAH!

At the previous two events, we've seen:

Jimmy Rankin
The Divorcees
George Canyon
Johnny Reid
Brooks & Dunn
Alan Jackson
Tim McGraw
Faith Hill

If you're a country fan, you know seeing all these greats was phenomenal! The first year, we stood for 4hrs in 11th row of 40,000 for Sugarland. Once they were done, we moved back farther in the crowd so we could finally SIT!

This year, the lineup was:

Our own Mark Cameron! WooHoo!!!
Aaron Pritchett
Charlie Major
Jimmy Rankin

Johnny Reid

Great Big Sea

Gretchen Wilson

and ......


This year's was going to ROCK beyond ROCK!!!

The gates were to open at 11:30, and Mark was starting the show at noon, and Keith would be closing it from 8-10:15. We also had tickets for the after-party at the Rodeo, where one or more of the performers were expected to attend, and perhaps provide an impromptu show.

Yeah. It was going to be a good night!

We agreed it would be easier if Cass got here the night before, as opposed to attempting the 45-55 min drive there and back the morning of the concert.

We knew better.

As I said, each event hasn't been without it's mishaps.

Last year, I arrived to pick her up for the concert, and got a flat in her driveway.

Oh but it wasn't just as simple as change the tire and go. No, because of the make of the vehicle, and make of the (wrong) jack I had, they first had to dig a trench in the driveway, in order to get the vehicle high enough to get the tire off!

Yeah. What we thought would be a 1/2 hour delay, turned into us missing the first few of acts of the show :-( But it was STILL fantastic. The earlier stress and angst forgotten once our feet hit that soggy field and heard the music.

Nothing mattered once we were there.

So, last Friday night, shortly after 7pm, I left to pick up Cass. But first, I stopped at the ex's so he could identify a 'ticking noise' that was coming from the truck.

He put some oil in it for me, I stopped at a garage for more oil and the attendant said it (oil) was fine, that he couldn't identify the ticking - but it didn't sound good - and then I was on my way. I noticed once I hit the highway, the noise wasn't as noticeable.

Knowledge of vehicle noises, their causes and the result of what happens to OTHER parts when one part decides it no longer wants to be associated with the engine, and would rather find a nice junkyard to crawl away and die in, is NOT part of my mental databank.

I know it should be. But it isn't. Or wasn't.

The whole way there, I watched the needles. The temp gauge remained solidly just under the halfway mark.

I knew it still didn't seem to be running 'right', but I never expected the series of events that would soon take place.

About two minutes from Cass's exit, I decided to get off the highway and pick up coffee for us.

I took the off-ramp, slowing as I approached the stop sign.

As the vehicle came to a stop, it started to lurch ... and smoke ... then stop.

OMIGOD!!! I had just stalled on the off-ramp.

I turned it off, checked the rear-view, and tried to start it again.


Car approaching, shit, can they see me?

Crap! I don't have my hazards on!!

Turn it off again. Hazards on. Two cars pull up behind me ... and proceed to go around me.

I try the engine again.



I looked through my windshield, past the wisps of smoke, into the dark night.

What am I going to do now?



Sue said...

Eeks... and she stopped with a question!

Kim's Korner said...

LOL, just to keep you comin' back for more Sunshine ;-p