Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I LUVS Me Some Chicken Fried!

Evening everyone! And welcome to another session of Country Music Edification!

Oh, STOP your groaning! NOW! All of you!

Country Music is good for your soul, and you know it!

A very good friend once told me she thought I "... kept such a good outlook on life, because I listened to so much country music. That had to be the only explanation." And she doesn't even LIKE country!

So, yeah. Country is a part of *me*, so if you're coming here to read about *me* and our adventures, then yes, you ARE going to hear about Country Music occasionally. Deal with it. (she says sweetly) ;-p

There's a new song I want to tell you all about. I've only heard it a couple of times on my favourite radio station, but it caught my attention both times and I was singing along with the chorus by the end of it!

This is the Zac Brown Band.

Pic courtesy of CMT.com

And this is their hit song.

Chicken Fried!

I Luvs it!

This first clip is just the song. No video. So go ahead, click that little 'ole play button, close your eyes, listen to the words, get in the groove, and get Chicken Fried.

Then, either watch the Official Video


Watch them perform it LIVE on the Grand Ole Opry!

The words in this song seem very appropriate now, meaning both because of 'this time of year', and simply because of the state of our uncertain world.

It's appropriate for many people, for very different reasons.

I have my own reasons, and, well, I just LIKE it. It's got a good Maritimer's feel to it, a kitchen party song ;-)

The other night, I was driving home from work. It was Friday night, and although I RARELY call in to request a song for the 'Drive @ 5', I suddenly had me an urge for some Chicken Fried!

A PERFECT song for a Friday night highway drive home.

So I called.

And, I was DENIED. Denied my Chicken Fried!

My favourite afternoon radio dude said that he had played that request the night before, and according to company policy, he wasn't able to play it two nights in a row(or something along those lines).

I was crushed!

Pic courtesy of Wikimedia

And although I had to disagree with company policy, I simply requested it for Monday night's drive home instead.

Then I stalked messaged him on Facebook, and layed on the guilt trip for my crushing denial ... somewhat like I'm doing here ;-p

Tonight (Monday) on the drive home ...

I got my Chicken Fried! First request played :-)

And did I mention,
I LUVS Me Some Chicken Fried!

Pic courtesy of istockphoto

Thanks Favourite Afternoon Radio Dude! Sniff ... he does luvs me ;-)

Now scroll back up, hit the play button on one of those videos (again) and get Chicken Fried!

Yes, now.

That's it. Class dismissed. Y'all.



Sue said...

It makes me hungry hearing the name... but then I listened. I chose the official video... love the string play in the beginning.

This song is country at it's best. Not that pop country. Makes me feel like home. Thanks for the heads up!

Kim's Korner said...

OH GOOD! I thought you might like it :-) I had it up full blast while I was writing that post, and it suddenly popped into my head ... "I bet SUE would like this song!" ;-)

And I agree ... it's definitely 'down home country!' and I think that's why I like it so much :-)