Thursday, December 11, 2008

Casting Call! - Do You Want To Be On A New Reality TV Show?

Earlier this week, I received an interesting email.

It was from someone who works for a TV Production company in LA. Pie Town Productions

I'm still not sure what her entire message said, because I simply didn't make it past "your writing is great - definitely caught my attention when I was sifting through all the blogs".

Kidding :-) Yes, I DID read her entire message!

And she did actually say that, but whether or not it was the truth, or simply to butter me up so I'd post this for her, I'm not sure.

I'm going with the truth ;-)

She contacted me because she seems to think that other single parents read and frequent my blog.

Doesn't she know my Mom is the only one who reads this?!?!?!

Again, kidding ;-)

I've agreed to write a special post today, specifically for this person.

It's a * Casting Call *

This is for single parents, OR people who are in a relationship, with someone who already has kids, making them an 'Instant Family'.

There are two new Reality TV Shows on the horizon, and this production company is looking for people to appear on these new shows.

I wanted to make sure I described everything they're looking for accurately, so I've decided to simply copy the details of her message.

Casting Notice:

Are you about to or have just become an "instant parent?" A Los Angeles television production company is currently searching for families to potentially feature in a docu-drama. We are in the process of developing a positive, upbeat show (think: "Jon and Kate Plus Eight").

We're looking for LIVELY families with funny stories, big emotion, and great personalities.

Multiple children not necessary, but preferred (the more the merrier!). Do you (or are you about to) have an "instant family?" We're looking for people joining a family where their significant other has kids and they have none.

We're also looking for single moms or dads who are about to jump back in the dating game.

If interested, please email your contact information and your story to:

To learn more about our company visit our site at:



So? Do you (or someone you know) want to be on a Reality TV Show?

If you think you'd like to, give it a shot!

She sent me an application for the America's Most Wanted, Parking Wars, SuperNanny, 'Single Parent' show, and told me she thought I'd be a good candidate ...

Who knows ... maybe I'll even send in the application and instead of just reading about all our adventures, you'll be able to WATCH them!!!!!

Good Luck to all those who decide to give it a shot!



Jen said...

Kim, I can totally see you doing this. Go for it, send in the app!

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks Jen :-) We'll see. Haven't done so yet.

Not sure how much the boys would be involved, and not sure I'd want to get them into something like that.

If it was just me ... SURE! ;-)

I'll keep ya posted though!