Thursday, April 21, 2011


*** WARNING!!! ***

This particular post DOES contain a few swear/curse words.
If these types of expressions offend you, you might want to leave.

I try not to swear in front of the boys.

I'm not always successful.

When I do curse, I attempt to keep it to 'damn', or 'shit', unless the boys aren't around.

Then? Sometimes, I curse like a sailor! Just because I CAN!

One of my funniest memories of Adam, is when he was only a couple of years old.

He was standing in the kitchen, and he dropped something, and stomped his little foot while letting out a 'SHIT!' at the same time.

PERFECT imitation of Mama!

No, not exactly something I WANTED my 2yr old saying, but I DID see the humour in it.

Growing up, my dad was never one to drop the F-Bomb around the house.

He found both that, and the 'c-word' too crude.

We're catholic.

He was more of a 'God Damnit!' or 'Jesus Christ!' man.

Some may think those are WORSE than the F-Bomb, but in my personal opinion, nothing releases more stress, carries more OOMPH, more shock factor, than a big 'ol heartfelt FUCK!

And apparently, there's been a nobel prize given to the researchers who have studied the fact that letting out a big 'ol curse can effect pain tolerance and heartrate.

Go figure.

Of course, as far as the boys are concerned, there is to be NO swearing.

Although, I'm not completely naive.

They're fifteen and eleven. I know when they're with their friends, they're going to swear.

Kids want to swear, because they're not supposed to swear.

However, there's a time and a place, and anytime there are ANY other persons around, other than their immediate friends, it is NOT the place.


Instead, I've always tried to get them to use 'substitute' words.

Like, 'sugar'. Or 'darn'. Or 'fudge'

The obvious ones.

Then ... there are the not so obvious ...

The other day, Adam asked if he could show me a video.

One that he and his friend had 'stumbled' across on YouTube.

When I asked what kind of video it was, he said ...

'Well, ya know how I'm not allowed to swear? I saw this and thought maybe it could work for ME!'

So I told him, 'Hit play and let me see ...'

This is what he showed me ....

I haven't yet decided how I feel about this video from SMOSH.

Obviously I don't agree with some of the concepts, but I get that they aren't real/true.

And some parts, I find pretty damn hilarious.

Did I want to be introduced to this video by my 11yr old?

Not necessarily.

Would I rather him say 'FIRETRUCK!', rather than the alternative, in those situations where, (in his 11yr old mind) he MUST utter a word with such power?


So next time you hear someone yell 'FIRETRUCK!' - Don't necessarily look for the smoke.

Instead, find the guy who just bit his tongue, while humming the latest
Jonas Brothers tune!

Yes, you'll have to watch the video to get that.


P.S. If you play that song more than once, it WILL stay in your head! Just sayin'.

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