Sunday, April 17, 2011

Smells GOOD Dudden' It?

Something happened the other day, that has caused me to realized something about myself.

Something I'm not necessarily proud of.

For all my talk of always trying to 'do the right thing', I realized after this particular incident that I can assess a situation, decide something about it is wrong, and STILL walk away without saying or doing something.

I suck.

On Friday, I ran to Giant Tiger at lunch.

This is my new favourite 'Mom Store'.

I got out of the car, and started walking to the entrance.

At the same time, a guy in his 20's (I'd say) was walking with his 2-3yr old daughter across the parking lot.

They got to the entrance before I did, and met up with a couple who had a child in a stroller (no idea how old this child was, as I didn't even really look INTO the stroller) and another woman was walking over to join the crew.

As I got closer, I smelled it.

They were smoke a joint.

Yes, I know they were smoking a joint and not a cigarette.

Weed has a very distinct smell to it, people!

It was definitely a joint. And they were smoking it ... at the freakin' FRONT DOOR!!!!

You had to walk right by them to get into the store.

Now, it's not the dope smoking I have a problem with.

At the risk of alienating the non-dope-smokers out there, I have to say that if someone wants to smoke a joint, (as opposed to having a drink perhaps!) at a party with other ADULTS, or in the privacy of their own locked bathroom home, after a long day at work, and they aren't hurting anyone ...

FILL YER BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!

However, this wasn't the case in this particular situation.

The problem I had with this situation, was that as I approached, the woman was speaking to the little girl who had just arrived with her dad.

The little one MUST have said something about the smell that was engulfing the group, because as I got up to them, the woman said 'Smells good, dudden' it? Smells GOOD, DUDDEN' IT?'

Huh? WHAT???

OK, smoking a joint in public is one thing.

Smoking it at the front entrance to a busy store, at LUNCHTIME, is just stupid.

Smoking a joint, IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS, and telling them it smells GOOD, is .. is ...

OMIGOD! I just wanted to walk up to that chick and punch her in the face!

But I didn't.

I wanted to scream at them that they were idiots! Dirtbags!

But I didn't.

Instead, I paused, looked at them, then continued walking into the store.

I suck.

For all my talk of doing the right thing, I didn't.

I sized them up.

I really did.

I did a quick calculation of 'OK, four on one ... two of them are guys and the two chicks look like they could KNOCK OUT A GUY! What are my chances here ...'

Cause I may be opinionated, and mouthy (at times!) ... but I'm not stupid.

I knew if I said something to them, told them what I REALLY thought of what they were doing, most likely they'd have a reply for me.

Maybe 'mind your own f'in business!'.

Maybe more.

Did I want to take that chance?

Cause I knew ... once I opened my mouth, it would be GAME ON!

I didn't.

I wish I'd had the balls to say something, but I didn't.

And I've been kicking myself ever since.

I don't think I would have changed anything about the situation.

I think those kids will still be stuck in a room with their parents whenever they decide to get high.

I hope they won't repeat the same cycle with their own kids.

And I would have REALLY felt better if I'd said something.


Yeah. I suck.


Where's my bag of weed?!?!?!

Kidding, MOM!!!!


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Sue said...

My first thought upon reading your title was that you were going to tell us your stuff doesn't stink.

It's hard to know in the moment if it's truly a good idea (right or wrong) to say something to people.

Don't beat yourself up over the hesitation. I wouldn't have said anything, even though I know it's wrong, because people can be crazy when they are under the influence and I have to look out for me, too.