Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TELUS Critter Blogger Challenge - You Really OTTER Vote For Him!

Most corporations try to have some sort of 'mascot'.

Taco Bell had The Chihuahua.

Kool-Aid, The Big Pitcher.

Geico has The Gecko.

AFLAC has The Duck.

And Mazda ... that creepy little 'zoom zoom' Dude.

Love 'em or hate 'em, they were the slogans and mascots chosen by the people sitting around the boardroom table at Corporate Headquarters.

Not by us, the people.

Sometimes we're lucky, and a critter or character will grow on us.

Most times, not so much.

Wouldn't it be nice, to actually have a CHOICE in which 'character' a company decided to go with?

You may not be able to control what he or she says, but it would be nice to be able to decide what little creature is forever popping onto your TV screen and billboards.

What if you CAN choose ...

Cellular service provider TELUS kicked off a new campaign on May 10th, and YOU can be a part of it!

They have decided it's time for a new campaign mascot, and they`re letting the public choose who it will be.

And, they`ve invited a few Canadian Bloggers to help spread the word, by launching the TELUS Critter Blogger Challenge!

12 of Canada's top Bloggers will compete in a cross-Canada promotion, campaigning on behalf of their favourite animal and helping to select the next critter used in TELUS advertising campaigns

And I'm one of the Bloggers!

I was given three critters to choose from, and after getting my boys' (and a few friends) opinion, decided to go with ...


Can't you just see his slogan?

'You Really Otter Vote For ME!!!'

Now, my job is to get you to vote for my critter as the new TELUS Critter.

YOUR job, is to go to their Facebook page HERE and VOTE FOR HIM!!!

Voting will be open until May 20th, and then voting on the Top 3 will take place until June 2nd.

This is where all OFFICIAL voting will take place.

You DO NOT have to LIKE their page first, before you can vote.

You DO have to be 18, and Canadian to vote (sorry to my other friends around the world!)

You can vote once a day. Please DO!

What's in it for you, you ask? (You, as in, dear Korner reader)

The opportunity to have a CHOICE in what new critter will be the NEW TELUS mascot!

You're being given a choice!

You have a voice! Use it!

And ... your vote can help nature.

`` For every vote, we’ll give $1 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Help us reach our goal of $100,000!`` - Taken from the TELEUS critter Facebook page.

If nothing else, you can`t argue with helping out good `ol Mother Earth.

Also, after you click VOTE, you can enter a draw. Grand prize is an African Safari!

``Each day that you vote, you`ll get a ballot for the Grand Prize Draw. You could win a trip to Africa for an amazing sightseeing safari, or one of ten Blackberry `playook`tablets.`` - Taken from the TELEUS critter Facebook page.

What's in it for me, you ask? (Me, as in, ME ... Kim of the Korner)

The opportunity to win, if my critter is chosen, one of three TELUS prize packs:

First prize: A TELUS tablet PC, a TELUS smartphone and a $1,000 donation in your name to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

Second prize: A TELUS tablet PC and smartphone

Third prize: A TELUS smartphone

I'd be happy with ANY of those!

But ya know what? It wasn`t the thought of a prize that made me agree to participate in this challenge.

It was the fact that they considered me to be one of Canada`s Top 12 Bloggers!!!

I'm not quite sure when or how THAT happened but ... WOOHOO!!!

That in itself was the prize, for me :-)

Come on, people ... VOTE!

If you want to have a voice in who the next TELUS critter will be ...

You Really OTTER Vote For HIM!

Cause ya know ... Otters are pretty damn cute.

Just sayin'...



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Chris said...

I think that the Otter is the perfect animal to represent Telus.