Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Yes, My Little Facebook Friends and Foes, Mama IS Watching!

I'm curious.

How many of you parents out there, with kids on Facebook, will leave a comment every now and then, either because you are actually contributing to the conversation, or sometimes, just to remind their Friends and Foes that you're around.

Keeping an eye on things.

I have. I do. And most likely will continue to in the future.

Sorry ma Boys, I'm the cross you have to bear, that comes with the privilege of having a Facebook account.

They know it.

They get it.

Most times, I try to stay out of things.

But sometimes ... as a parent ... I feel the need to step out of the shadows and say ...


If it's my own who is guilty of an inappropriate comment, which thankfully hasn't been TOO often, I let him know it has to be deleted.


Do any of you do the same?

Or do you simply monitor from afar, and keep your comments to yourself?

WHAT? There REALLY wasn't any fear of ME keeping my comments to myself ... was there?!?!?!?

I don't want it to seem like I continuously stalk their pages.

I'm not quite THAT bad.

However, in saying that, I know some of the boy's friends read this blog, s
o if there was EVER any doubt ...

Oh yes, my little Facebook Friends and Foes, Mama IS watching!


Comment on, Little Ones, comment on ...



Danie B. said...

Technically, they're not old enough to have FB accounts anyhow. I allowed it because so many of his friends around the world had accounts and I didn't want to cut him off from them. The rule is, however, that he can't block his parents and must keep the aunts and the grandparents on his list--not negotiable. I've had family members drop me messages pointing things out from time to time that they felt should be addressed. It ales a village--especially if your kids are on FB. You go Mama Bear!

Sue said...

I'm not sure if you saw the conversation I had regarding letting Lauren get one before August (on my FB), but Lauren knows that once she gets one there are rules and, yes, I'll be monitoring. She breaks a rule, she loses the account.

The rules are that I need to know the password (although I don't plan on using it), I need to be on her friends list, she needs to keep her wall private, and she is only allowed to add people that -I- have met in the flesh. When she turns 18 she can do whatever she wants with it, but I do hope she is safe online.

And I have no problem stepping in and correcting if need be. It's our job to. We are here to guide and raise up and step in before something becomes a huge issues. It's the equivalent to yelling "Stop!" before the child runs into the street.