Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bikinis, Doggies And Thongs ... OH MY!

OK, let me state upfront, this is NOT a post for men.


You males just aren’t going to find anything of interest here.

So you, you, and yes … you … hiding way back in the korner, you may all leave.

If you so choose, feel free to forward this post on to the women in your life, and if they find it of interest, they will inform you if and when they need such product that I’ve chosen to review and share with everyone here.

Yes, this is a product review.

For the Always Thin Flexi-Style® pantyliner.


VERY thin! I took one out of the box, and though 'WOW, that's thin.' THEN realized I actually had three of them pressed together. Yeah. Thin.

As I said, gentlemen, you may leave.

Now, for you ladies (and that one man who stayed out of confusion, and the other dude, out of defiance because I asked him to leave), let’s discuss that dreaded monthly period, the protection we use and the underwear it resides in.

Shall we?

OK, so now that I’m fairly confident after that spiel, I will no longer be discussing my period, or exposing my underwear to my male co-workers, or my son’s friends, I can tell you I was only half joking.

A little while ago, I was asked to review the new Always Thin Flexi-Style® liners.

My first thought was ‘Ew. No.’

As I continued reading through the email, the offer became a bit more interesting.

What makes this NEW liner so ‘special’ is that you are able to mold it to any style of underwear you might be wearing at the time.

Bikini, sport, thong … one size fits all.

The Always® people believe so strongly in their new Thin Flexi-style liner, that they were also willing to send me a $10 gift card, to purchase ANY pair of underwear I wanted, to prove their point.

Well now.

New undies.

Ten bucks could get mama a cute pair of undies depending on where the card was from …

So, me being me, I told the marketing rep ‘Sure, send them along.’


NOW, I have to try and figure out how to bare my underwear to the world, in such a way that my mother will still be able to go out in public and will still admit to being my mother ;-).


Here we go …

So, the liner advertises that it will basically mold itself to any pair of undies.

I put it to the test.

It just so happened that on the day the package arrived, a Thursday, so did the exact reason I would need it for. Three days early.

Perfect timing.

Although my drawer is filled with Granny Panties for just this time of the month …

… instead, I happened to be wearing what every girl’s got in her drawer. The more stylish of the Grannie Panty family, the tried and true plain white cotton, bikini cut.

Now here’s the funny thing. Not long before I received the package, I was telling my co-worker about it, and said La Senza, here I come baby!’, having no idea where the gift card may be coming from.

I just happen to like La Senza .

A lot.

And what do you think was on that card I hauled out of my little package?

Oh yeah!

La Senza, Baby!

When I got home after work, and later that evening, I had determined that:

Day 1 of Always Thin Test - Bikini StylePASSED

Fast forward to Sunday.

This would be day two of the Always Thin TestDoggie Style

Yes, you know that underwear.

The ones your mom still gets you every Christmas. Or just when she thinks you might be in need of white and pink polka dot underwear with little purple doggies on them.

Yeah. Those.

You’ve got them buried in your drawer. I know you do.

And you! You men who insisted on lurking around.


Gave you ample opportunity to leave.

Hell, what do I know, maybe you have them buried in YOUR drawer too.

I wasn’t initially planning on Sunday being day two of the test.

I mean come on, People, you’ve SEEN the size of those things!

I know the Always® people have faith in them, but they’re not the ones who would be sitting at a basketball game and then underwear shopping for the afternoon.

Unfortunately, when I stuck my hand in an empty tampon box, I realized I had no choice.

Day two it was.

And ya know what?

Day 2 of the Always Thin TestDoggie StylePASSED

NOW came the REAL test.

I had played it relatively safe so far.

The bikini style hadn’t required much fitting. The purple puppies required a bit of folding given the smaller area to work with.

But now, it was time to break out ...

… the thong.

You want a test? I’ll give it a test!

In honour of the holidays, I chose what I thought was a ‘festive’ pair ;-)

Merry Christmas to me. Courtesy of Always®.

Final result, Day 3 of the Always Thin TestThong StylePASSED

I must admit, I was impressed. The product did what it was supposed to, when it was supposed to, and in a variety of ways … as it was supposed to.

What can I say?

Bikinis, Doggies And Thongs ... OH MY!

Thank you Always®, for giving me the opportunity to try your new product, AND for the new pair of festive undies!

Now, for all you faithful male readers who hung around, I’m not sure if I should be flattered or disturbed.

But I figure you’ll now be scarred for life, with the image of my Granny Panties in your brain.

Just remember, we only keep THOSE types of underwear for certain times of the month.

And for every pair of these

that you’ll find in my drawer, you’ll also find a few pair of these …

And if that wasn’t enough to wipe away this entire post from your brain, did you know that in that same drawer, next to those same Granny Panties for those awful days, there’s something like THIS lying next to it.

For those many more good days ;-)

Sorry Always® people, no place for a liner anywhere under there!

And sorry Mom, for this entire post.

On the bright side, it’s one less pair of underwear you have to buy me this Christmas!



Sue said...

Very good to know!!! I'm going to go buy a box. My eleven-year-old has 'started' and is not ready for tampons (Mom's not ready for her to use them, either) so this information really comes in handy.

The last part of your post cracked me up and took me back to the 'dating years' with Josh. Hahaha. I had to explain the very same thing to him.

Kim's Korner said...

Sue - Glad to hear the info came at the right time :-) You'll have to let me know what you (and she) think of them.