Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Perfect Jewel For His Rose

A couple of weeks ago, Adam and I are on our way home from basketball practice, when he pipes up from the back seat, 'Hey mom, turn the music down.'

That's Adamspeak for 'Hey mom, turn it off cause we're going to have a serious conversation now.'

He wanted to know if I had any jewelry he could have, to give to his girlfriend, Rose.

His ... g-i-r-l-f-r-i-e-n-d ... !!!

Yeah. The boy will be 10 in two months, and is talking a rock for the girl!

I told him I had nothing.

He'd already cleaned out my jewelry box of all it's non-precious belongings in grade Primary, when he decided he was in love with little Susie*.

Sorry, Bud. This time, he was on his own.

Once he realized he wasn't getting anything from my stash, and that I wasn't agreeing to BUY her something from him, he announced, 'Well, I have $17 in my allowance. I'll just use that. Earrings or a necklace. And it has to come in a little box. And it has to be blue, because that's her favourite colour. Just like you, Mom.'

And before I could say anything, he added, 'I want it to be nice, and I want her to wear it on special occasions.'


And with that last line, the argument about why he's too young to be buying jewelry for girls just died on my lips, and was replaced with an, 'Awwwwww.'

Mushy sap that I am.

So, the next night, off we went.

In search of the perfect jewel for his Rose.

The most perfect jewel he could find, within the $10 limit Mom had insisted on.

He looked, he debated, he looked again, and yes, even asked for my opinion.

And this, is what he came away with for Rose.

He worried about giving it to her.

He worried she wouldn't like it.

I saw him looking at it before going to bed, and before leaving for school.

I worried for him. And his little heart.

Shortly after school, I got the phone call.

She loved it.

Had it been a different time, a different place, I might have let a few tears escape at that moment.

I was so happy for him that she liked it.

I was also reminded, in that same instant, that my baby just keeps growing up on me.

Today, it was the little blue necklace.

But before I know it, it's going to be '... something borrowed, something blue ...'

OK, someone remind me of that feeling, right there, the next time he's done something that makes me want to ship him off to the Gypsy's!!!!! ;-)

Kidding! You know I luvs ya Babe! Smooches!


* - No, her name wasn't Susie. I couldn't tell you WHAT her name was. I'm sure Adam could though ;-)

P.S. Yes, this post has been published with Adam's permission.


Sue said...


tristan said...

Oh. Is it horrible to say I dread these days? Not because I have to help my spawn find gifts for their ladies but because, like you said, it means they're growing up. ::sigh::

adrienne said... innocent. I hope he paces himself. he has many more years of jewelry buying. lol. I glad it worked out.

happy sits day!

Amanda said...

Well if that's not the sweetest thing....

Aleta said...

Aww, I think that's sweet. I like that you put a 10 dollar cap on it too. Your son has good taste and I"m glad the girl appreciated it :)

Mandy P said...

Man oh man does my heart bleed for you! What a sweet story. SO Glad she liked it!!! =) (I probably would have let a tear shed anyway!)


Kim said...


Found you on SITS!