Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Freakin’ Ghosts! Messin’ With My Head! AND My Clock!

Remember awhile back, I told you about (what I considered to be) the paranormal activity going on in my basement one night?

Remember, I also mentioned that sometimes strange things happen around my house?


Good! Cause I have ANOTHER tale for ya!

There seems to be ‘someone’ in my house who likes to mess with my alarm clock.

At first, I thought it was me.


Since the ex and I split, I have been known to turn my alarm off in my sleep, and jump up in panic mode on more than one morning.

However, lately, I’ve had a few alarm clock related incidents that now have me thinking it’s NOT me … AT ALL!

Last night before going to sleep, I checked the clock. I KNOW I did, because I’ve become somewhat OCD the past six years about the alarm clock.

I don’t wake up easily, so I NEED to make sure the clock is set, and LOUD so I’ll hear it in the morning.

This morning, I opened my eyes and was already facing the clock.

The display read 9:07am

GROAN! Roll over. Snuggle down into the warm blankets.

Wait a minute …

WHAT?!??! WHAT?!?!? Did that say 9:07am?!?!??! HOLY CRAP!!!!

I usually get up at 6:30am.

I shot out of bed, taking note that it didn’t seem light enough outside for 9:07am yet … but that means nothing, when you’re stumbling out of a dark room with only one eye open, focusing on trying not to trip over the dog, as opposed to actually looking out the window.

Made it to the kitchen to see that it was actually only 7:03am.

7:03am! PHEW!!!!!

Once I had Adam up and out of the house for the bus, I went back to my room and checked out the clock, to see what the heck was up with it.

Not only was the time ‘off’ by two hours … the alarm was turned off, AND the volume had been turned all the way down.

OK, I can work with the fact that most likely … maybe … *I* was the one who turned it off in my sleep.

However … there’s not a chance in hell I changed the time by two hours, AND turned the volume all the way down, AND turned the alarm off in my sleep.


And as I said … this is NOT the first time I’ve woken up to a messed up clock.

Not fun!

Knock it OFF, Ghosts! If I’m late for work, or the kids are late for school, I don’t think the boss or teachers are going to accept ‘my ghost messed with my clock’ as an acceptable excuse.


Not so much.

Freakin’ Ghosts! Messin’ with my head! AND my clock!

But ... according to my co-worker … I just need a new clock ... ;-)



Anonymous said...

so why is it that just your alarm clock is screwy and not the rest of the clocks in your house??? - have you tried setting another alarm in another part of your room that you can't reach from your bed? or how about one of those alarm clocks that when it goes off - it bounces off your night table onto the floor and usually under your bed? Or how about having a man wake you up gently but with passion....

Sue said...

Hrm... Try a new clock, first. But, considering what else has happened, I'd be freaked out.

Kristy said...

You never know.....