Friday, December 3, 2010

The Damn Stuff STILL Tastes Like Soap!

Do you remember Thrills gum?

From when you were a kid?

Cause honestly, I don't think any sane human being would eat this crap as an adult.

Then again, to each his own crap I guess.

I'm sure you tried this gum when you were a kid.

Either because of its pretty purple colour, or because you were hoping that each time you popped one of those suckers into your mouth, the godawful taste outcome would be different.

Or you just enjoyed putting yourself through that punishment.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a friend's place, and there it was on the table.

A package of Thrills gum.

I hadn't really looked at one in years.

And you know what?

Look veeeeeerrrryyy closely at the fine print ...

Click on image to enlarge

The damn stuff STILL tastes like soap!

And they're proud of it!

HOW has this gum managed to stand the test of chewing time?

No idea.

Guess one man's crap is another man's Juicyfruit.

Now, where did I put that pack of Bubbalicious ... BELLE ... NO!!!!



Cricket said...

EW! When my kids swear, I'm going to wash their mouth out with Thrills gum instead of soap. EWWW!

Jason said...

Actually, My kids bought some of this not long ago and I was like hellz ya! I tried it... Still tasted like crap, but the unmistakable flavor sure brought back some memories.

Kristy said...

Thank goodness, I've never tried that!

Kim's Korner said...

Cricket - maybe I should have tried THIS with Adam when he was younger. He LIKED the taste of soap ... AND tobasco sauce.

Jason - I can't believe you put yourself through the torture of trying it ... AGAIN ...knowing the outcome. Hoping for something different huh? LOL

Kristy - DON'T!!! You're definitely NOT missing anything! ;-)