Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When Making Ice Cream, Use Less Fruit. And Hold The Wood.

Adam and I made soft banana ice cream over the weekend.

Using only bananas.  

You cut a couple of bananas into pieces, put them in the freezer, and then once frozen, into the blender.

It turned out tasting very banana-y (obviously).

And it would have been very good ... if I had not used a wooden spoon to help move the bananas along the sides of the blender a little bit, pushing them down so they would turn to mush ... and came up with a bit less spoon.


So much for the banana ice cream.

This evening, I walked into the kitchen to find the brand new package of strawberries open and on the counter, and a bunch gone from the package.

When I called Adam out to put it away, he showed me where the missing berries were.

Yup.  Freezer.

Apparently, we're trying it again.

I'm game for that.

Only THIS time, when making ice cream, we'll use less fruit. 

And hold the wood.


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