Thursday, November 19, 2015

Yeah? So? It's A Cucumber!

Last year at this time, the internet craze was Cat Circles.

Don't remember that?  I tried it on Linken, so you can find it HERE

This year, right now, there is a new cat craze.

Cats and cucumbers.

People are placing a cucumber on the floor, behind their unsuspecting cat, and when the cat turns around and sees it, the cat freaks out.

No.  Really.  They completely freak out.

Watch it.

Of course I had to try it on Linken.

Do you think he flew into the air, like the others?

Watch below.

Nope.  Nothing.  At most, a WTF reaction, and then he just walked away.

You're not playing right, Linken!

Before you go trying this on your unsuspecting cat, the 'experts' are now saying that we shouldn't be doing this.

Which I, of course, did before I realized I shouldn't.

But I did make sure he was in an open space, where he couldn't hurt himself if he did jump (she rationalizes to herself).

And not only are we being mean, by intentionally trying to scare our beloved fur babies, another reason the cat may jump at the sight of the cucumber is because it possibly associates it with a snake, or other predator, according to IFLScience

But ... not my Linken.

No interest in Cat Circles.

Not freaked out by the cucumber.

Maybe he's a dog, and is just waiting for the right moment to tell me?

Yeah.  That's it.  He's a dog.

Or, he just is what he is ... one Badass (Chuck Norris, who?) Cat! 



Aleta said...

I've seen these videos.... was tempted to do this to our cat, Tigger, but he is 19 years old and I didn't want him to be "scared to death". Some reactions were funny though!

Kim's Korner said...

Aleta, if Linken was a timid cat, I wouldn't have tried it, but he's definitely a cat with an attitude, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Must say, I was disappointed lol.

And at 19, probably a smart move not to try it on your Tigger! ;-)