Friday, March 3, 2017

It Was Enough

The other night the 20yr old and his girlfriend were in the kitchen making dinner, and I was roaming around, doing this and that on the outskirts when I overheard … ‘We had so much fun when we were kids!’.

I know he didn’t realize it, but as a single parent for all these years, one who worried so much about ‘enough’ …

               Do I read enough?
               Do I play enough?
               Do I teach enough?
               Do I laugh enough?
               Do I discipline enough?
               Do I nurture enough?
               Do they have enough?

… never ending enough, what he didn’t realize was how much those simple words, ‘We had so much fun when we were kids!’, made me stop in my tracks, filled my heart, and made me smile.

Hearing your now-grown-up boy say that he had a happy childhood, and that he had fun growing up, is something every parent (I would hope) strives to achieve. 

Yes, you want your kids to do well in life, to be good people, and hopefully turn out to be awesome adults. 

But it’s also a good feeling to know that they were happy, and had a good time getting to wherever they may be today.

So I guess, whatever I did, it was ... enough.


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