Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Check your profiles ... I was hacked :-(

Hi all,

The lesson I've learned today is .... check your Profile page!!! (on MySpace). I generally don't look at my Profile page. I created it, I know what it says, I know I'm out there in MySpace, I don't need to check out my own page. Or so I thought ....

For whatever reason, (can't even remember why now!) I checked out my own profile today and discovered I'd been hacked. Thankfully it wasn't too bad ... but god knows how long I've had a Headline, proclaiming for all the internet world to see, that I'm "Raul's B*tch".

Do people REALLY have nothing better to do with their time than hack into people's MySpace accounts?!?!?! Are they really that desperate for attention that they need to piss people off just to get someone to notice them? I have to wonder how old this Raul person is, who is spending his/her time hacking into people's accounts ... seems to me he's/she's taken a few tips from my 6 year old on how to get attention.

But guess what Raul ... it backfired ... you really haven't gotten anyone's attention, because after today, after we fix our pages, we will forget all about you and your sad existance. You're sitting in your little room, all by yourself, giggling to yourself over how you've hacked into hundreds (thousands?) of people's MySpace accounts ... and... in reality, you may have gotten our attention for mere minutes (long enough to fix the page and write this blog!) ... but you're simply an annoyance ... like that one small piece of birthday streamer that's still hanging in the corner of the ceiling, that I've just been too lazy to pull down yet. We're all laughing out here in cyberspace at you ... and the fact you have have no friends, no life, and feel the need to bother people just to make yourself feel better.

They have drugs for people like you Raul ......

Have a great day all! And check your sites .... nobody was more surprised than I was to find out I'd been labelled as "Raul's B*tch"!!!! I may be a b*tch at times ... but certainly not RAUL's!!! ;-p


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