Monday, January 29, 2007

The Power in Music! (aka My sappy message for the day lol)

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago, I was driving home from work and noticed a new country tune on the radio. "Alyssa Lies". By the second verse, I was almost bawling and having trouble seeing the oncoming traffic through the tears. Although I don't bawl EVERY time I hear it now, it still never fails to bring tears to my eyes and that quivering lip and it takes everything in me not to cry any time I've heard it since.

Ok, we all know country songs are sappy. This one is no exception ;-) Difference being ... it's actually helping people. A teacher played this song for her class just recently and asked them to write about what they thought the song meant, and what it meant to them. At the end of the exercise/day it was discovered 7 children were living in abusive situations and 2 were actually removed from the home.

Yes, it's a sad song, it hurts the heart to really listen to the words, but he's singing about something that isn't going away, and if it can help some of these kids, then more power to Jason Michael Carroll for singing about it!!!! I had never heard of JMC before this song, but there's obviously a reason why this song has touched and affected so many people, from all walks of life. This is Jason's home on MySpace. Once the page loads, the song will start playing automatically. If for some reason it doesn't, just click the link "Alyssa Lies"under the player. Listen closely to the words, it's worth taking a few minutes for.

The boys know this song upsets me, but it's also opened the door for discussion about child abuse, and how there are ALOT of kids out there who live in entirely different households than we do, parents who handle discipline differently, and not every kid is as lucky as they are (or as I was) to have parents who love and don't hurt them.

Play this for yourselves, and for anyone you know who you think might benefit from hearing it.

I don't advise listenting to this while driving though!!!! It's far too dangerous!!! ;-)

Enjoy!!! Even if you're not a country fan, it's still worth listening to ... and if it doesn't tug at your heart at least a little bit .... you've got a heart of stone Man!!!! ;-)


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