Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chocolate? SURE! I'll Try Your Chocolate!

Recently, an email landed in my Korner.

A Representative from
Harbinger (a marketing, consulting and communications company focused on women), wanted to know if I'd be interested in trying a new Kinder® chocolate treat they were marketing.

Child size, milk filled chocolate treats.

To quote the Harbinger rep, "It is all about responsible treating and how to give treats to children effectively. The bars are designed to be a perfect treat for children (smaller portion sizes)."

Excuse me?

Did someone say chocolate?

Chocolate? SURE! I'll try your chocolate!

Kid sized? Yeah, yeah, I'll save a piece for the kids!

And so, it arrived.

In a personalized box no less!

Even had the BLOG's name on there lol.

I opened it right away (no, it didn't matter that it was only 9am!), and found these inside.

A four pack of Kinder® Mini-Treat Bars, especially for KIDS. Only 12.5g.

And a 21g Kinder Chocolate Single®. Also, especially for KIDS.

According to Kinder® -

"Mini-Treats are perfect for young children – at 70 calories per bar.

Kinder Chocolate Singles are designed for kids – at 120 calories per bar.

Kinder Chocolate is a source of calcium."

I looked at the four pack, and looked at the single.

OK, obviously I'd split the four pack of Mini-Bars between the boys.

That left the single.

And since I couldn't - in good conscience - review a product I hadn't actually TRIED, that meant only one thing ...

MMMUUUHHHAAAAAHHHHH that little piece of heaven was all MINE!

Sort of.

I hopped over to the next set of cubes, and gave a piece to a couple of my co-workers.

Although these treats are designed for kids, I figured I may as well get a couple other MOM's opinions on them as well, since we all know everything's gotta get through HER first.

We all liked the idea of a 'kid sized' treat.

We all liked the chocolate.

We even liked the white chocolate centre, and made such comments as, 'it doesn't taste like the usual white chocolate, it's REALLY good!'

Then I found out it wasn't white chocolate at all.

It's MILK.

Truly, mmmmmmmilk chocolate :-)

Not only did my treat box contain chocolate, it also contained a slew of information on 'responsible treating'.

Since these treats were originally designed for kids, I figured it was time to let the REAL Taste Testers loose.

First, Adam tried his.

See what Adam had to say about the new Kinder® Mini -Treat Bars ...

Alec didn't actually get to try his bar until the next day.

By the time he was able to get his hands on it, we had built up the anticipation so much I thought he was going to explode!

Because I made him wait for it (somewhat patiently lol) while I finished eating dinner, when he finally did get his treat, I was teasing him a bit in his video, and talking to him like a young child, or one of those tiny Paris Hilton Accessory Dogs ...

He's still able to get his point across ;-)

As you can see, the Kinder® Mini -Treat Bars got a THUMBS UP! from both boys.

Be sure to check out these, and other products from Kinder® HERE!

Thank you Harbinger, and thank you Kinder®.

Loved the chocolate. And, the treat box?, Yeah, nice touch!

My recommendation? People, if you get the opportunity, try one of these bars!

But, I wouldn't leave it anywhere near Adam.

As you saw in his video, he will simply make it ...

"... Disappear!"



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Milk? In the bar? And you want me to believe these are good? I'm not buying it!! :)


Bonnie S. said...

Funny! Alex (my hubby not my son) loves the Kinder Surprise eggs. LOL So they're good for grown ups too. I sometimes question if he just likes it for the toy though. HA!

Ginny said...

Crazy timing - my mother in law just brought some of these for my kids. Now I know they're Kim-approved!

I wonder if the kinder people aren't missing a marketing opportunity. As someone who's looking at dropping a few pounds, I'd buy them as a "diet" option.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Thanks, now I'm craving chocolate.

So how do you get all the offers to do reviews?

Kim's Korner said...

Hallie - Yup, milk. And Good. Ssme sentence. Same bar ;-)

Bonnie - LOL I've known many adults with kinder toy collections :-) And I've put many together for the boys myself. Sometimes they're frustrating though, cause those pieces are SO small!

Ginny - The diet market. Cool idea! I can see the tag line now ... Kinder bars - Good for Kids body, GREAT for Mom's figure ;-)

3699 - Oops, sorry ;-p

How do I get the offers? Well, to be honest, I didn't do anything. Didn't apply for anything. They just found me.

I have asked each one why they chose ME to write a post for them though, and the reply has been consistantly that they found the blog, read it, liked it, and thought I'd like their product.

I'm still waiting for that offer to review a big screen TV though ;-)

And of course, the dream job offer lol.