Thursday, November 25, 2010

StageIt - Where Stars And Staff Shine

Remember awhile back, I mentioned my Ex was moving to Australia?

He's gone.

Left last week.

Back then, I wasn't sure how to post about it without sounding like a bitch, so I turned to music.

And humour.

Specifically, to the group Jaron and the Long Road To Love, and I came up with You're Moving To Australia? I'll Pray For You!

Jaron's song, 'Pray For You' definitely got my attention when I first heard it on my favourite station, FX101.9, last summer. **side note ... come BACK, Russell!

In the last 24hrs, Pray For You made their play list THREE times! (and played on my way to work the morning the Ex left. HA! Coincidence much?)



See! NEVER doubt Mama's taste in country music, People!


After that post, I checked him out on Facebook.

Sure enough, he has a page!

And of course, I joined!

Occasionally I'll throw in my two cents on one of his status' but mostly ... I just creep.

It was here that I first heard him mention a venue he likes to perform in, called StageIt.

The man not only can sing, he's a damn good promoter too!

I checked it out.

Turns out, StageIt is 'a virtual stage that allows artists to make money from LIVE, interactive experiences while offering their fans a front row seat to a backstage experience.' - taken from their FAQ

Kind of like a live, youtube experience, I figured.

The artist can play anywhere from 5-30 min, with an automatic ten minute encore, and a SECOND ten minute encore after that.

So, potentially, FIFTY minutes of one on one time with what could be one of your favourite artists.

That could be interesting ...

I decided to look into Jaron's next show.

I clicked the little Buy Ticket button, and found out that tickets are purchased with 'notes', which are the site's form of currency.

10 Notes = $1 (with a minimum purchase of 50 notes ($5) at at a time)

Now, let's put this into perspective ...

When the tickets for Jaron's show, last night, first went on sale last week, they were 10 notes for a 15 min show (plus two encores = 35min!).

For $1.

ONE dollar, people!

HELLO! I LIKE this guy! I'd spend my Tues night watching/listening to him for a dollar!


So I create my StageIt account and attempt to buy my first set of notes.

At least, that was the plan, until I saw it was payment through credit card only.

No paypal.

I'm a paypal only girl :-(

No paypal? No StageIt.

No StageIt? No Jaron.

No Jaron? Damn.

I logged out, thinking that was pretty much the end of that.

I'd stick to creeping him on facebook and youtube, and just hope he made his way this far north someday ;-)

Then noticed I had an email.

It was my 'welcome' letter from StageIt.

Among other things, it welcomed my feedback.

Oh yeah?

I had some feedback for them!

Uh ... can anyone guess where this might be going?

Yes, once again, I just couldn't help myself, when someone said 'we'd like to hear your opinion'.

And invited me to do so?

I gave it to them.

I sent a polite and simple reply to the link they provided, and said my feedback was to suggest paypal as a payment alternative, for those of us who don't necessarily want to go the credit route.

A few hours later, I received a reply.

The Artist Relations Dude thanked me for my feedback, agreed with me, and said that soon they would be offering this feature.

Well then. I'd be back.

He also made the comment 'enjoy the show'.

I, of course, simply couldn't let that one go.

I promised that I would enjoy a show, as soon as they had that paypal up and running ;-)

He then came back, and asked who I had hoped to see, and I told him about Jaron.

That was the end of the conversation.

Or so I thought.

A couple of hours later, I get a message.

The Artist Relations Dude informed me the StageIt people were going ahead and putting the notes into my account anyway.

I was going to see Jaron!

On them!!! For now. WOW!

By the time I read that email, the tickets had gone up to 40 notes, but once the paypal system was online, I would only be charged the 1 note for the show.

Now that, I thought, was pretty awesome.

See now, pay later, at original retail price.

DAMN FINE customer service, StageIt!

When I first fired off that feedback email, I was NOT expecting a 'real person' reply. Let alone the full out email thread that followed.

That in itself was pretty cool.

But allowing me to view the show anyway, because they weren't yet able to offer the service I'd prefer, THAT was an unexpected surprise.

And ALSO very cool!

Way to win over the Feedback Chick, StageIt People!

So last night, 9:58pm (or so), I logged in.

WooHoo! My first internet 'concert'!

The top half of the screen is a blank video window, and in the bottom, a scrolling chat window filled with Jaron's FRANS (Friends + Fans = Frans).

I don't chat. I creep. And wait.

I wonder how 'it's' going to happen.

Do I have to click something, or will he just automagically appear.

Where will he be playing from?

A living room? Band room? Hotel Room?

I'm guessing they can play anywhere they have a webcam.

'LIVE, from the room with the BEST acoustics ... my shower!!!!'

Oh ... wait ... nevermind ... wrong website ...

At 10pm, my question was answered, when Jaron just appeared in the video screen.

And it was on, Baby!

Thirty five minutes of songs, laughter; both his and mine, and just an all around good time.

Seventy(+) viewers got to experience the show.

And I was one of them :-)

Yay Me!

There was even a celebrity visitor.

Debbie Gibson!

MAN! Didn't I just think I was the hottest little thing, shaking my 15yr old ass to HER music back in the day!

Yes, I just said back in the day. Shut up!

Overall, I think StageIt is a GREAT concept, that should even be looked into more closely by more 'mainstream' artists.

However, there are all genres of performers out there using it, and people want to see them!

And the cost?

Right ...

Um ... did I mention 'ONE DOLLAR for thirty five minutes, people!'

For someone who is getting national airplay.

Yeah. I'll definitely buy THAT!

I had JARON for over half an hour, for ONE DOLLAR!


And that's probably the only time in my life I'll ever get to say THAT out loud!

Thank you StageIt people, for making it possible for me to see my first show.

On you.

You really didn't have to do that, but I REALLY did appreciate it.

And thank you Jaron Lowenstein, for putting on a great show, making me laugh, being a shit at times, and such great eye candy to boot. *smooches*

Give it a try, people.

StageIt. Where stars and staff shine.

Well ... they do in MY world ;-)


P.S. Do you think I could actually leave, without giving a plug for JaTLRTL?

Check out a version of the latest single below.

Do it.


Go click that little play button.

You're gonna like it. I said so ;-)

* Not the official video. When I tried to link the code, CMT informed me it was 'unable to offer the video to users in my region'.

Since I wasn't sure if your region would be my region, or a different region, I played it safe, and gave you this one instead.



Kristy said...

That's really cool, I hadn't heard of that before. Now you can be his NUMBER ONE FAN!!

Kim's Korner said...

LOL I think I'd have to fight with all the other women he has on his FB friend list for THAT title, Kristy ;-)

It was definitely a cool experience!