Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Comment Of 1000 Likes

I may as well start this off right away by saying, I'm probably going to get some flack for this post.  

I'm going into this knowing that not everyone is going to agree with or like this one.

And that's OK.

Humour is subjective. 

Have you ever said something, or written a comment, that after you'd said/written you thought, 'hmmm ... that was damn funny, but is probably going to offend someone and get me in shit.'  

But you still can't help but think it's funny.

Yeah.  Me too.

I had just gotten out of bed one morning last winter. 

I didn't have to rush out the door anywhere, so I grabbed my coffee, and did the one eye scroll through Facebook while slowly trying to wake up.

Within seconds, I saw it.

A meme that was posted on Drea de Metteo's page.

For those who aren't familiar with Drea, she was affectionately known as 'The Junkie Whore' (aka Wendy) on Sons Of Anarchy and of course mafia princess 'Adriana' on The Sopranos

I like her.  I think she'd be cool to hang out with in real life.

After reading the meme, I let out a, 'HA!', and then without even thinking about it, I started to type.  And then hit, ENTER.

I was being a smartass, and thinking about the fact that both Drea and I have ex-husbands, when I said what I did.

And then I forgot about it.

Until the 'likes' started coming in.

A steady stream of likes.

Oh don't get me wrong, there was lots of dislike for my words also, and accusations of bitterness and bitchiness.  Yes, those are there, too.

But the comments in response to mine also contained quite a few 'Yup!', 'Agreed!' and 'Me, too!'.

And just the other day, 6 months later, that comment hit over 1000 likes.

HA!  Really?  I feel like I should say thank you!

I can honestly say that's the first time that's happened to one of my Facebook comments.

And I can also honestly say, there was no bitterness or bitchiness intended, 

I never did specifically say I was referring to *my* ex!

That was an assumption made by the internet.

It's been 11yrs, people!  It's all good. 

In my half-awake, lack of caffeine state, I just thought it was funny and thought if Drea actually read her comments, (after seeing her sense of humour through her posts), SHE would find it funny, too.

I never even really thought about the rest of her followers.

I had only had two mouthfuls of coffee ... I wasn't thinking about anything yet!

I don't want to post the meme here, because there's a big 'ol *F*-word right in the middle of it, that definitely jumps out at you, and I know some of you are reading while at work, or have little ones hanging around, and we wouldn't want the boss or kids to walk by, and take that big 'ol *F*-word personally! 

So if you'd like to see the meme, and the comment of 1000 likes at a more appropriate time, you can find them HERE.

I think you can figure out which comment is mine.

But don't read more into it, than it really was.

Agree with me, don't agree with me, find it funny, don't find it funny, think I'm a terrible person ... whatever. 

I still think Drea laughed. And that was my sole intention.

Other than more coffee.


P.S.  Before you send me hate mail, YES, I know it goes for ex-wives, too, of course!

And if I reeeeaaaallllyyyy thought the ex was that bad, I wouldn't be letting the boy go live with him in another province for the summer, would I?  

No.  Didn't think so.

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