Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Words To Die For?

My latest column in The Laker.

Last week, I was looking at one of those meaningless, time wasting, online lists that are so popular lately, when one of the headlines over in the sidebar caught my attention.

It said, 'Yet another Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death'.

It didn't really matter to me where they were from, what my brain registered was 'another blogger hacked to death'.

Wow. I realize there are many serious issues happening all over our world that are important, and require our time and attention, but this one jumped out at me as a 'must read', because I figured it had to be a bogus article, and … well … I'm a blogger.

(Pic from a previous column)

Who would go around killing bloggers? And so viciously!

People who don't agree with bloggers who speak out against Islam, according to the article.

Three bloggers had been attacked and killed, two of them leaving their homes in the morning, on their way to work. According to other articles, the actual total is nine bloggers.


And people wonder why I don't tackle the 'tough issues' when I blog.

I've been a blogger for over eight years.

At one point, I was referred to as 'one of Canada's top bloggers', but I can honestly say I haven't put the time and effort into it the last couple of years that I once did. Certainly not enough to retain that 'title'.

When I started out, it was uncharted territory. People were posting pretty much anything and everything, but there were definitely a few hard and fast rules for most.

Don't say anything that would get you fired or piss off your family, and keep your anonymity at all costs.

And if you can't/don't follow Rule 2, refer to Rule 1!

Some followed these rules. Some were public figures immediately. And others revealed more and more of their personal lives, with pictures, as time went on.

In the beginning, you never saw a picture of my kid's faces on my blog and it's still VERY rare you'll see one now that they're a teenager and adult.

I also had a couple of personal rules as well.

Don't bash the ex, and don't use my words to hurt my kids in any way.

For eight years, I've kept my blog 'light' and hopefully humorous, entertaining, sometimes educational, and meaningful.

At least, that's what I was shooting for.

It's not that I don't have an opinion on the 'hot' topics plaguing our society. I do! Strong ones!

But am I going to put them out there in a public forum, for the entire digitally connected world to read, and judge and possibly react to? No.

Not because I'm afraid to express my opinion, especially among my inner circle, (anyone who knows me, probably just chuckled at that remark) but because as a single parent, the fear of someone harming me or my children, in any way, to 'get back at' me for something I've said, or an opinion I've expressed publicly that doesn't match with some psychopath's, has kept me reserved with my thoughts.


If something happens to me, what happens to the kids. Or worse, what if something happens to the kids.

Plain and simple. It all comes down to a healthy does of paranoia.

And yes, I do say healthy, because if you remember the headline above, 'Yet another Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death' ... I don't want to end up as one of those bloggers.

Are my views of the world that extreme that I honestly think someone is going to track me down and hack me up in front of my house one day? Or target my children? No. But I also know this world can be pretty messed up.

People DIE for their views and opinions. And not only in Bangladesh.

Have I written about things that I feel are important to me, and other members of society?


I've talked about mental health, suicide, losing both a pet and a parent, teenagers and alcohol, bullying, and a whole slew of other topics, including zombies.

And yes, when I really DO believe in something, I'll go places I'm not supposed to, like breaking the law, and writing a post about Rehtaeh Parsons during the publication ban on her name.

But, I will never do so in a way that would intentionally aggravate or antagonize anyone.

Never wanting to poke the bear. Never wanting to attract the Psychos.

Because while I do love my blog, and it will always be my outlet and release, and my posts are important to me, are they words to die for?


And that will never be my intended audience. Not for my blog, or even my column.

But if I can make you smile, keep you entertained for a few minutes, and sometimes maybe even teach you something new, then I'm happy with that.

I don't have to change the world with my words, I just enjoy sharing my little korner of it with those who occasionally want to stop by.

Please leave machete at the door.


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