Friday, August 24, 2007

What an 11yr old boy will ask to extend his bedtime!!!! Shhheeesssshhh!

Hey all,

Here's one for the parents of Tweens :-)

I'm putting Alec to bed last night, we're discussing his day, the crazy week we've had, etc and out of the blue, he comes out with.... "Mom, if a girl isn't having her period, she can have sex right?"

Oh boy ... think fast!!! Is there really a RIGHT answer to this one? Sheeeeshhhhh! Come on ... click the slippers and go back to the land of Lions, Tigers and Bears! :-)

Alec has a tendency of asking 'these types' of questions at bedtime, at the exact time it's NOT time to get into a LONG discussion about sex ... periods ... life ... lol. But it's partly my own fault that he brings it up when he does, because I've asked him NOT to bring up such topics if his younger brother is around. I made this request one day when he asked me "Mom, what's an STD"? while his brother was in the room lol. Feeling Adam's eyes glued to me, waiting for my answer, knowing it would be something he probably shouldn't hear just yet, I felt "We'll discuss it later, after your brother has gone to bed" was an appropriate answer at the time :-) However, sometimes it backfires on me, because it's when he knows I'm tired that he'll shoot the really hard ones at me lol.

After this latest question, I just took a deep breath and said "Where did you hear that?", wanting to find out what had prompted the question, which might make a difference in the answer I provided at that particular moment LOL.

He said "Joe" (not his real name) who is a friend of his had used it in reference to girls their age. Meaning if they were old enough to have their period, medically they were old enough to have sex (just not while on their period, as far as they were concerned)

Deciding to opt for a 'quick & easy' response, I simply said "Well .. technically ... he's right, if a girl is not having her period, she could be having sex (that's as far as I was taking that one!), but these girls are only 11, and shouldn't be having sex anyway, so they shouldn't have to worry about when they can have it. And you're a boy, you don't have a period, and shouldn't be having sex yet, so it shouldn't concern you right now either ...RIGHT?

"Right Mom"

Good ... Goodnight ... Luv You :-)

Do I think he's having sex? Nah. Do I think he and 'the boys' are talking about it? Oh yeah! lol

I know at some point it's going to require further discussion. Another night, but not at 10pm when my brain is getting ready to shut down ... I'm just not up for those mental motherhood challenges right then lol. In that instance, I willingly throw the challenge, give up the Power of Veto, but remain ... as always Head of Household ;-)

Sometimes I think I preferred the days when the hardest questions were "Mommy, why does Hershey eat the cat poop?" Sigh .... ;-)

Nite all!

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Danie said...

OMG. I'd really like to post a comment but I'm not sure what to say. Wait. Something's coming to mind. Kim, you handled that really well! I love the "Where did you hear that?" question. That's one of my best stalling techniques.