Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Do YOU Pick Your Political Candidate?

We had a provincial election yesterday.

I'm not one of these people who puts a political sign on my lawn.

Pic courtesy of Halifax News Net

My father taught me that you never discuss politics or religion.

That way, nobody ends up dead ;-)

So, I generally keep 'who I'm voting for' to myself.

Personally, I don't think any one party is better than the other. It's just a matter of picking the lesser of the evils.

Maybe, I should just take my voting cues from my 9yr old.

Kid: Are you voting tomorrow Mom?


You're voting for Percy Paris right? You'd better be voting for Percy, Mom!

Originally, I thought he wanted me to vote for Mr Paris, because he lives 'around the corner' from us, and his daughter is a counsellor at the boys Daycamp.

But no. Not my kid. That's not how he chooses the BEST candidate.

Me: And why do you think I should vote for Percy Paris?

Kid: Rolling his eyes, sighing, like I'm a complete moron, he says ....

Cause he's got an AWESOME pimped out mustache, Mom! JEEZE!

Pic courtesy of Wikipedia

Yes. Yes he does. So THAT'S how ya get the votes!

Congratulations Mr Paris!


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Employee No. 3699 said...

A pimped out mustache? Makes perfect sense to me.