Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GO! Pick Up The Phone. Call Home.

Sometime between the age of 5-6, I was going to run away.

I don't remember all of the details, no idea what I was even SO angry about, that I felt the need to leave my family, nice warm house, food, bed, and TOYS!

But I DO remember it was after dinner, getting dark, and I was standing on the landing talking to my Dad about it.

He had just come through the back door, to find me on my way out.

I couldn't tell you a word of the conversation, but something my father said, made me open my overflowing, little blue suitcase to reveal all the treasures I had planned to start my new life with.

Teddys, trinkets, and books. A bunch of those 'Little Golden' books.

**SIDE NOTE - OK, so we've just determined the 'book hoarding tendencies' began at an early age**

I was ready to take on the world.

Hittin' the road, Jack!

I'm not sure if my mom remembers, but I'm positive she was standing in the kitchen at the time, while all this was taking place.

And I can only assume, the discussion that followed, was enough to convince me to stay, as the only other clear memory is of me, dragging that suitcase down the hall and back to my room.

That was the one and only time I ever 'seriously' thought about running away from home.

Oh yes, in my almost 6yr old mind, I WAS serious!

Growing up, I didn't NEED to leave, because I had two parents who loved me, and gave me a 'normal', loving childhood.

Don't get me wrong. My dad and I had our moments (moreso than mom and I).

Argued. Butt heads. Yelled. Cried.

Despite all that, I knew I had it good. Never any real reason to leave.

To choose a life on my own, on the streets, over the love and protection of my family.

I couldn't imagine running away today's world. Trying to live on the streets.

In a shelter.

Staying alive.

But, whatever the reason driving them to the streets, as long as there have been kids, there have been runaways.

I do understand some kids leave out of fear for their safety/life.

And rightfully so.

I also believe others choose to run, out of anger, hurt feelings and misunderstanding.

In the heat of the moment.

And what feels SO right at the time, turns out to be very, very wrong.

But how do you go back? After months ... years, of absolutely no contact?

Sometimes, you can't.


But other times ... if someone would just make the first move ...

This video is for all of you who fall into the latter category.

Those who decided what seemed SO right at the time, is now so very, VERY wrong.


To the words, and your heart.

Oh ... sorry ... you didn't realize this was going to be another Educational Country Music Moment did you?

Hey! Whatever gets the message across, People!

And since this is a message I can get behind, if I have to use Country Music to spread it, then grab your spurs and give me a YEEHAW!

Now ... you, and YOU over there, hiding behind the plant ... GO! Pick up the phone.

Call home.



J. L. W. said...

I like songs that tell stories. This is a nice song. I now can say I also know who Johnny Reid is to. When you wrote that he was the General of the Tartan Army, I found myself oddly disappointed that he wasn't wearing a kilt in the pics.

Katherine said...

What a beautiful song! I hope I raise my boys to know that no matter what they do I'll always love them and they can always come home!

Kristy said...

I do think that kids today deal with more than we ever did. I work in a school, and I can't imagine what goes on in some of their homes, but the best I can do is love them while I have them at school.