Monday, March 15, 2010

You Asked, I Answered

Last Tuesday night, I was actually going to go to bed EARLY!

And by early, I mean 10:30pm. This NEVER happens! I'm never usually in bed before 1am.

Bed at 1, up at 6:45, such is Mama's life :-)

This particular night, my youngest boy was with his dad for the night (a RARE occurrence on a weeknight!) and the older one, had fallen asleep before 9pm. Another RARE occurrence.

By 10:30, having already enjoyed some quiet 'me' time, I was ready to call it a day.

Then ... I decided to check my email one last time before heading upstairs to bed.


I checked my personal mail, then opened the inbox for the blog.

And there it was.

An email from Heather at SITS, advising me I was going to be the 'Featured Blogger' over at SITS on Thursday.

Holy Crap!

'I can't go to bed now! I've got a post to write!'

You see, when you're the featured blogger, it's proper blogging etiquette to have a 'Welcome' post ready for your visitors.

I've been slacking on the blogging lately ... I had NOTHING!

I'd had an idea floating around in my head since I got the first email last summer, advising me I'd be a future 'Featured Blogger', so now it was time to get that idea on paper.

The result, at 1am, was Today Is MY Day Bro'!

And you know what? WHAT a day it was!!!


My Korner gets it's regular visitors, which I'm ALWAYS thankful for. It also gets a ridiculous number of hits from people wanting to read that James Bulger post.

But never, NEVER has the Korner seen the traffic that it did on Thursday. MY Day!

Did I mention Holy Crap yet?!?!??!

And not only were they reading, but many were liking it too!

Wow! {Insert Sally Field's gushing 'You Like Me' acceptance speech here}

One of the first comments I received that day, was 'Enjoy your day. This sh*t's about to get heavy! :).'

Oh yeah ... she was RIGHT! :-)

I have to take this opportunity to thank everyone who left a comment on the last post.

I've always tried to answer each individual comment I've received. However, in the case of THAT post, uh ... yeah ... it's gonna take me awhile lol

I appreciated each and every one. The encouragement and support I felt through your words was unreal!

Although I hope to get to everyone's blog in return, there were a few questions/comments that caught my attention, that I wanted to address right away.

Holy Cow - that was ONE post.When did you have the time to write that?? - See that whole intro above ;-)

When do you get the time to blog? That would be sometime after 10pm (if it happens) and the weekends the boys are with their dad. That's it. I'm not a daily blogger. Never have been. I post when I feel I have something 'shareworthy' and that's it. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less, but hopefully it's always worth it ;-)

Where is your Follow button? - Sorry everyone, I don't have one. It would drive me crazy watching that box, checking to see if new people were 'following' me and wondering why someone would decide to 'unfollow' me. Was it me? Was it them? Were they seeing another Korner?

Too much pressure.

I also personally think some look at those follow boxes as a competition of sorts, and that's not what this whole blogging thing is for me.

Having said that, I'm on Blogger, so those of you with accounts there can still follow me through your Dashboard, and those on Google, please feel free to add me to your readers.

Ok, so I'm dying to know - who was the hockey legend and how did you get a phone call?!? - That would be The One Where My Dad Hangs Up On Guy Lafleur.

Unfortunately it's wasn't Sidney Crosby doing the calling to MY phone (after his golden goal)! :-(

Ha! I loved that movie when I was 6 - OK, now THAT just made me feel old!

Goodness craziness DOES just fall into your lap, doesn't it? - Yes. Yes it does. Something about me just seems to attract it!

I grew up in Florida and saw plenty of hurricanes. But that might not be as cool as living with tornadoes. - That was the one and only freak tornado I've experienced. And it really wasn't that bad, nowhere near a disaster. So, I felt sort of bad thinking people might have expected more from it based on the title of the FB post.

I did however live through one hurricane also. Nova Scotia experience Hurricane Juan on Sept 29, 2003, which was devastating to parts of the province. If interested, you can see many, MANY pics of the damage HERE.

We could use your super secret sleuthing powers over at the Cellulite Investigation - Was that a job offer?!?!? Cause ya know, I DID always want to be Nancy Drew when I was little, and I STILL have all my hardcover collection of the series that I can refer back to if needed!

Oh. Damn. I just spotlighted that book hoarding tendency again didn't I? Damn.

dude. every once in a while, that song pops into my head too - dude, I am SO glad I'm not the only one who experiences The Danny Phenomena!

I have to say you are raising 2 fine young men there and have MUCH to be proud of - Thank you, thank you, thank you! As someone who feels she makes it most days flying by the seat of her pants, when it comes to this parenting thing, it's a nice thing to hear :-)

Another thing I wanted to mention, was the fact that there were comments on how I deal with many of our adventures with humour. You're right. I try to. Most times.

Then, there are the times I don't feel so humourous, and instead direct my frustrations into An Open Letter to Assholes Everywhere. Vol II is coming ... oh yes ... it's coming alright.

And finally, for those of you who liked the Magic Bullet post, be sure to head back over there to see the update on whether or not he got one Christmas morning!

There! You asked, I answered. Some of them anyway.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to stop by the other day, and especially to those who spent time getting lost in the various posts, and left comments.

It really WAS a pleasure having you all here, and reading your thoughts, and I hope you'll be back.

Cause as much fun as it's been catching up on all this old stuff, it's time to get on with the new.

And as most of you know, or are quickly learning, there's ALWAYS something NEW going on in the Korner! ;-)


P.S. I apologize to all those who still have Danny DeVito singing in their heads!


We live in a Zoo! said...

It never used to drive me crazy (my flollower box) but it does now =( You are smart to leave it off your blog ;D And also I think my comment may have been about loving that movie when I was six. Sorry I didn't mean to make you feel old. I just think its funny that I thought that movie was so funny when I was so little. ;D

Aleta said...

I think the follower box only gets to me when I see that a follower has "left the building". I think, "Was I that boring?" Lol.

Well, I'm "following" you in the sense that your posts go to my email now. :) Great answers and now, I'm going to check out the open letter you mentioned..

Katherine said...

I woke up this morning determined to go through all the past FB from the past couple weeks until I found that one I really liked! Thank goodness you were only last Thursdays! I didn't have to look for very long! And just so you know... I'm a follower! And I won't be going anywhere... you're the only Korner for me hehe!

Kim's Korner said...

We live in a zoo - I thought about the follow box when it first came out. Debated. And realzied it just wouldn't be good for me. And don't worry, I was just teasin' about feeling old. Being a year away from 40, many things make me feel old now. Like asking the kid at McDonalds about Shamrock Shakes the other day, and he had no idea what I was talking about. Sigh. Old. ;-) And I was SURE they still made those!

Aleta - Thanks for coming back, and thanks so much for becoming a new reader! It's really nice to see that out of the flood of visitors the other day, some have decided to stick around :-)

Katherine - Awww thanks! There's ALWAYS room for another reader in the Korner! And I'm very glad you picked mine! :-)

Sarah With Scissors said...

You definitely rocked your day. Hence why I'm back visiting again :)

Still loving the blog... and yes humor is important, but it is also necessary to yell at someone once in a while (even if not directly at them). LOVE the open letter to assholes... LOVE IT.

J. L. W. said...

I totally enjoyed reading you on your SITS Day that I am back for more. Your right about that darn Follower button. It does tend to drive me a little crazy at times.