Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just WHO Is Stalking Your Profile?

Do you have any idea who is looking at your Facebook profile?

Or your Instagram photos?

Or any other social media profile you have out there?

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Sure, you know your family stalks those pictures of the new baby, and your friends stop by to comment on your latest piece of news, co-workers will drop a 'like' on your 'stuff', but, who ELSE is looking at your profile?

Any idea?

Let me answer that for you.  NO!  You do NOT have any idea who else out there on this planet has an internet connection, and is looking at YOU.

This became very clear me to a few days ago.

I'm not an idiot. I realize that anyone can look at what you put out there on the internet and have had this conversation a bazillion times with my kids.  

Anyone can click on a profile, and unless it's locked down to 'friends only' they can see anything and everything you've put out there.

You all already know this, as I'm sure you've creeped a Facebook profile a time or two.

A few nights ago, one of the boys got a message over Facebook Messenger from another boy who is a friend of both my kids.

It wasn't a long conversation, and due to a previous disagreement, my son told him he didn't want to talk to him at that moment.

The boy came back with a response that surprised my son, and immediately sent up a red flag that made him feel he should tell me about the message.

The boy told my son how much he loved Facebook, because he could go on there and click on MY profile, and scroll through my pictures.

Um ... what?  MY pictures?

He proceeded to tell my son how he spends at least 15 minutes a day, scrolling through my profile pictures on Facebook, and described some of the ones he had seen, and how one of them in particular 'does it for him'.

Um ... OK ... EWWWWWW!!!!

I needed a minute to digest what I'd read.

And then another minute to wrap my head around the fact this was coming from the FRIEND of one of my kids.

Did I mention ... EWWWWWW!!!!!

That's just not right, people!

My Facebook profile is locked down to friends only, except for my profile pictures and cover photos.

I don't post anything that I wouldn't want my grandmother to see or read.

I know there isn't anything on my profile that the general public shouldn't see, but yet, I was STILL creeped out that someone ... a friend of my kids, was creeping my profile on a DAILY basis.

Yes, this creeps me out.  It creeps me out knowing that someone is scrolling through my profile, looking at pictures that were posted years ago.

And yes, I know they have gone back through the years, simply because some of the pictures they described, you'd have to scroll back through a few years to find.

Yeah, creepy.

But it gets worse.

When my boy confronted the other kid in person about the message, he denied it.

He says his Facebook account has been hacked and someone is sending nasty messages to a lot of different people, as him.

I want to believe him.  I don't want to think that a kid I have known for years, who has been the friend of my son for years, is looking at me, that way.

So here's the kicker ... WHO is it?

Who is scrolling through my profile, or at least telling my son he's scrolling through my profile, on a daily basis?

Who hacked this other kid's account?

WHO is creeping me out?!?!??!

I have no idea.

And unless this kid goes to Facebook, and/or the police to find out who is sending nasty messages on his behalf, we'll never know.

If it was me, I'd want to know who was doing this, and I'd be all over getting this dirtbag shut down.

I hope he gets his parents involved and finds out, because nothing good can come from someone hacking ANY of your social media accounts.

If you put ANYTHING out there on the internet, everyone can see it.  It's there forever.

Be careful.

You may have things 'privacy protected', but that doesn't mean there isn't someone still looking at what is available.

And you really, REALLY never know ... just WHO is stalking your profile.

Play safe, kids!  And lock those suckers down (the profiles, not the kids)!


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