Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Those Damn Sirens!

There was one thing I noticed immediately when we moved into this new house.

Those damn sirens!

There is a fire station down at the end of my street.  I live a couple of minutes away from a major highway.  ANYTIME there is an accident, I hear sirens.

Sometimes I can tune them out.  But other times, like when the boy is out with the car, I listen, and listen and listen and pray, 'Please don't let that be for him!'.

Not that I want to see anyone get into an accident, but when my kids are out with the car, or out in their friend's cars, they are the FIRST thing I think of when I hear those damn sirens.

I know, some may think that's paranoid.  Hear sirens, think your kid was in a car accident.  

Alright! Alright!  I hear you laughing over there!

But there IS a very valid reason for this particular paranoia, with me.

Many many moons ago, before the ex and I were married and the kids weren't even a thought, we decided to throw a party.

A couple of hours before the guests were scheduled to arrive, the ex borrowed his mom's car, and ran out for those last minute items we had forgotten to pick up.

About a half hour or so after he was gone, I was sitting in the bedroom getting ready, when I heard sirens.

We lived right on the Commons in Halifax, next to a Legion.  There were ALWAYS sirens. 

I ignored it, for the most part, with the exception of one fleeting thought of, 'That better not be for him'.

Although the thought had crossed my mind, I didn't seriously think they were for him.

Until ... he was late. 

Then the guests started to arrive, and he STILL wasn't back.

And then I got the call.  

He was in an accident.  He'd totaled his mom's car, put his leg through the console and managed to break it (both the leg and console), but thankfully, that was the only major injury.

The car wasn't so lucky.

Based on the time of the accident, and the location, those sirens I had heard WERE for him.  They were on their way to HIS accident.

Image taken from HERE

It's been over 20yrs since that night, but still, whenever I hear a siren, and one of mine are not home, I stop. 

And I listen. Although, I'm not sure what I'm listening for.

And without even realizing it most times, I hold my breath.

It's even worse now that one of my own is driving and takes the car regularly.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting here at the computer when I heard them again.

Those damn sirens.

This was around the same time the boy would have been on his way home from work.

On THAT major highway. The one where there seems to be weekly accidents.

The sirens continued.  And continued.  And continued until that was ALL that was filling the afternoon and flowing through my window.

I figured it had to be a major accident, but I wasn't seeing anything yet in my FB newsfeed.

That's when paranoid Mama reared her head.

I broke down and messaged one of my DJ friends at one of our local radio stations, FX 101.9 and asked him if he'd had any reports of an accident on the 102.

He said no, it was on a different highway. Another highway close to me.

I thanked him.  And sighed.

Not my kid.  Not this time.

I don't know if I'll ever feel comfortable hearing sirens when my kids aren't home.

It's too hard to shake that feeling from 20 yrs ago.

I can hear them again now.

Those damn sirens.

But for tonight, since both of mine are already in bed, I don't have to hold my breath, or wait for that call.

Not my kid.  Not this time.


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