Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Candle From Old Wax!

I had a little package of candle wicks I was saving.

I had always liked the idea of making my own candles, and had even tried it and really enjoyed it, way back when.

That was why the ex gave me a candle making kit for Christmas one year, which included that package of wicks.

Some parts of the kit I tried, others sat on a shelf, or in a drawer with the best of intentions to 'try it again sometime'.

Then eventually over the years, the molds and wax were forgotten about, the bits and pieces lost or thrown out.

Except the wicks.  

I told myself that I would definitely use those someday.  So I hung on to them.

For about ... 20+yrs.

You just repeated, '20+yrs!' out loud, didn't you.

Yes, 20+yrs.

I had a 'plan' for them.  

I always thought it would be a good idea to scoop out the unused wax in the bottom and along the sides of a candle holder (removing the little metal tab at the bottom).

Melt it again, add a new wick to the candle holder, and pour it back in.

5 minute recycled candle!

Yes, I always thought it was a good idea, I just never got around to trying it.

Until yesterday.

SEE!  I do hang on to shit for a reason!  I just don't always get around to that reason right away.

Or ... in the first 20yrs.

But yesterday, I finally jumped up - spur of the moment - grabbed a few 'almost empty' candle holders I had been hanging on to for just that reason and headed for the kitchen.

Using a spoon, I scooped the excess wax into a bowl.

I had read something online years ago, saying you could put the wax in a microwave safe dish and into the microwave.

So I did that.

And after letting a few chunks melt for almost 15 min (3 min at a time) ... I broke the microwave.

I had taken the wax out to check on it, and when I looked over at the microwave to put the container back in, there was no clock display.

No power.


I unplugged it. Just in case.

My first thought was 'NOOOOOO!!!'  Forget the wax!  My full cup of lukewarm coffee was sitting on the counter, and I had no way of heating it up.  Why hadn't I warmed the coffee first!  Sob! 

Giving up on the idea of using the microwave to heat my coffee or anything else for the moment, I instead went to Plan B.

What? You think a little appliance meltdown was going to actually stop me?

Pffffttttt! Right!

I grabbed a pot, turned on the stove, let it heat on the burner for a couple of minutes, then dumped the wax in there.

I should have done THAT to begin with!  It melted in seconds!

I poured the melted wax into one of the candle holders and ... voila!  

New candle from old wax!


I liked it!  So I made another one in a different colour!

In the meantime, Adam came home from school, saw what I was doing, and he made one too!

I've been burning it for two nights now, and no issues with the wax, or the 20yr old wick.

And the wax residue didn't stick to the pot.

I'll definitely be making more!  And no, it won't take another 20 yrs!

Later that afternoon, I had to go out for a few groceries.  I figured I'd better get a new microwave at the same time (grumble grumble).

Just before I left, I decided to plug the microwave in again ... just to see what would happen, if anything.

It immediately came to life with a BEEEEEP!


I didn't break it, afterall.

Whadda ya mean I still 'probably shouldn't use it'?  It works! I don't have to buy a new one!

So my coffee glows now!  So what? That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Right? 



Anonymous said...

You know, instead of scraping the wax out of the old container, if you put the container in a pot filled with water, heat the pot/water and the wax will melt, and you can just pour it straight into the new container. Skip the middle man.

Kim's Korner said...

Great idea! Thanks for the time saving tip! :-)