Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Walking For The Whistler 100

Occasionally, I like to use this little Korner of the web to promote, or raise awareness for subjects that are near and dear to me.

Most likely involving kids, or people in need.

Today is another one of those days!

Perhaps you are familiar with the incident at Outdoor Adventures, Whistler.

The senseless slaughtering of the 100 sled dogs back in April, 2010.

Surprisingly, the story is really only now making the news, and getting people's attention ...

It got MY attention.

I saw it for the first time on the midnight news last Sunday, and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I love dogs.

Always have.

Couldn't imagine my life without one.

If you're that type of person, this story hit home. Hard.

I have ALOT of opinions on the tragedy.

However, because I have, what I believe, is more important information I want to share today, I'm going to keep it simple.

1. It shouldn't have happened. Period. The laws against animal abuse/cruelty in Canada need to be changed.

Hear that, Mr Prime Minister?

We want TOUGHER LAWS! Not PTSD benefits for the killer!

No, No, NO!

2. I hold many people ultimately 'responsible' for the fate of the dogs.

Obviously the man who slaughtered them. You, sir, have a special place in hell. But I'm sure you already know that.

However, he, as well as a handful of other's who knew of the dog's impending fate ...

... COULD have picked up the phone and made an anonymous phone call to the police, media, etc, warning of the actions OAW were considering.

... COULD have been a HERO!

... COULD have ...

One call.

And of course, I have questions.

What REALLY happened to the 40-60 dogs that were supposedly 're-homed' prior to the slaughter, and why hasn't anyone come forth to say 'Hey, I have one of THOSE dogs!'

I really wish someone would.

I know alot of people are wondering what happened to them.

And more importantly, if OAW is shut down, for whatever reason, what is going to happen to the ... 200? remaining dogs?

Will THEY be re-homed?

Or joining their brothers and sister in the pit of hell in the backyard?

Let's hope not.

To raise awareness, to (hopefully) ensure the safety of the remaining dogs, and to remember those who didn't have a chance, members of the Advocates Against Outdoor Adventures Whistler are organizing Dog Walks.

Pic taken from HERE

There are (currently) 10 walks taking place throughout BC as well as in Calgary and Red Deer over the upcoming weekend, February 12 & 13, that have been announced on the
AAOAW's Facebook page.

The walks are in memory of the dogs, or Whistler 100 as they are becoming known, as well as to raise awareness for animal cruelty, and the fact the laws need to change.

By having a walk in Halifax, NS on Sunday, February 13th, we can show our support coast to coast.

So, I organized one :-)

I wouldn't say our event is a protest, by any means, but more so a peaceful dog walk, in memory and support of the dogs, and the fact they hopefully haven't died in vain.

For all those in the Halifax area, would LOVE to see you there!

Here are the specifics:

EVENT: Walk for the Whistler 100

Please join us on Sunday, February 13, 2011 for a DOG WALK around the Halifax Commons, in support and memory of the Whistler 100.

Many of us were shocked and outraged by the senseless slaughtering of the 100 Huskies at Outdoor Adventures, Whistler -

Dog owners and lovers want to show our support for these dogs, and raise awareness for animal cruelty.

And we’re doing it COAST TO COAST!

On Sunday, walks are taking place in BC, and Alberta (so far), and now with us joining in Halifax, we’ll be able to show our support for the Whistler 100 from coast to coast!

All walkers are asked to meet at the South Commons Triangle (Next to the pool on the Halifax Commons) for 12:45 pm and be ready to walk at 1pm.

We will be walking – two by two- around the perimeter of the Halifax Commons.

The walk is scheduled for one hour. This means we will most likely do more than one loop around the perimeter.

These will be organized, peaceful walks, in memory of the dogs, as well as to raise awareness for animal cruelty, and the fact the laws need to change.

Event Details!

WHEN: Sunday, February, 13, 2011 1pm – 2pm (meet at 12:45 at South Commons Triangle - next to the pool on the Halifax Commons)

Perimeter of the Halifax Commons (on sidewalk)

Important Details:

Please be advised that leashes are mandatory. This is a walk to show positive support for the dogs, and all animal rights.

Please respect the laws and bylaws, have your dog licensed.

Please be prepared to pick up after your dog.

Join us!

Raise Awareness!

And just maybe,
save a dog!

If you have any questions, they can be directed to Kim Stoodley at

Hope to see you Sunday!

And don’t forget to bring your dog(s)!!!

If you don't have one ... borrow one!


I'd like all the those visiting today, to please spread the word of these walks/events, in any way you'd like :-)

Digg me, Stumble me, Tweet me ... whatever! Every little bit helps!




Sue said...

I'll pass this along! Wish I could BE THERE though. Stupid, senseless tragedy.

Danie B. said...

You. Are. Awesome.

Christine said...

Bark & Fitz Halifax will do whatever we can to help spread the awareness of this. Good work Kim!

PumpkinPie said...

Great idea. If something were to be organized here in Toronto, I would participate (no, I can't do the organizing myself - I'm socially challenged :o) )
I don't know how anyone could do what this man did, to even 1 dog, let alone 100 +/- Cruelty and apathy exists in Canada

Kristy said...

Violence against animals is just so senseless.