Monday, February 28, 2011

Yes, She's My Date. NO, I'm NOT Sleeping With Her!

The first 'formal' party I attended, after the ex and I split, was the Holiday Party at work.

Or as others call it, the Christmas Party.

Each year, it's a similar event.

Buffet meal, speeches and prizes, dance.

Business casual / semi formal.

Which of course translates into, 'a night to dress up, Ladies!'

That first year, I brought a longtime guy friend as my date.

He was 'safe'.

And as it turned out, we had a great night!

The next year, I did something different.

Although I had enjoyed the party with my friend the previous year, I also still had the 'duty' of making sure he was having a good time, and being entertained all evening.

Rightfully so, seeing as he was my date and he didn't know any of my co-workers.

However, the second year, I knew in advance I wanted to let loose on the dance floor.

And I wouldn't really be able to do that, if I was with a date, who didn't know anyone, and who wasn't crazy about dancing.

So, I decided to bring my best friend, Cassandra.

I've mentioned her a few times, here in the Korner.

Like HERE and HERE and HERE and of course HERE.

Annnnnnnd ... you get the idea.

We've had alot of adventures together!

We've been friends for almost 20 years.

I knew, if I brought her as my guest, she'd love the meal, and I'd have a guaranteed dance partner.

And the bonus was, she already knew lots of my co-workers.

Many she had met at my own house parties over the years.

I wouldn't have to make sure she was 'entertained' all evening, because she was perfectly capable of entertaining herself!

The perfect 'date'.

So, I brought her with me.

And the year after that.

And the year after that.

And again this year.

I think it's four ... or actually, FIVE years now she's been my 'date' (yeah, I'm missing a pic there somewhere).

And as much as I enjoy bringing her, there's one thing, after so many years, I'd like to get straight ... here ... and now.

For all you ... guys especially ... who have looked at us (not only at this particular event), on the dance floor and wondered to yourselves... or perhaps even to your buddy next to you ... 'I wonder if they're ... '

Sorry to disappoint you, Boys, but NO ... we're not.

Yes, she's my date, no, I'm not sleeping with her.

It's convenient, it's practical, and tradition now, but most of all, it's always a fun, Girls Night Out for both of us.

Our yearly shindig, if you will.

So, stop wondering.

And fantasizing!

Women CAN go out together, and have dinner, dance, and even end up in the same bed, discussing the evening's events, and giggling like 12yr old schoolgirls.

But in the end, it usually ends the same way.

No, not a pillow fight! Get your minds out of the gutter, all of ya!!

What I mean is, usually, one is mumbling, and the other responds with a grunt of some sort.

After that ... silence.

Not as exciting as the pillow fight, I know, but hey, it's my reality ;-p

That's just the way us, Best Friends, roll.


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Kristy said...

Awww, a great post for a great friendship!!