Thursday, January 15, 2009

MAN! I'm Glad I Hit THAT Car And Not THAT One!

Between Christmas and New Years, the boys and I took a road trip. Surprise, surprise lol.

We had been driving almost 5hrs. Only another half hour away from our destination.

I decided to make a pit stop at a popular pharmacy. An extremely busy pharmacy with a crowded parking lot.

I found a spot right in front. Perfect! Ran in, ran out. Perfect! Let's get back on the road boys!

I put it in reverse, put my foot on the break and looked over my left shoulder. Nothing coming that way.

Looked over the right, some ass barreling in on me FAST. He was aimed right for me, so I went on the assumption he was either going for my spot or the one next to me.

I was already backing out, and he wasn't slowing down, and I was so concerned about where he was, and knew there was an empty spot directly behind me I could slide into, that I focused on him just a little too long.

As I was turning my head back over to the left, to check where the nearest parked car was beside that empty spot ... BANG!

Kim - CRAP!

Boys - You just hit that parked car Mom!!!!!

Kim - Yeah. I know. Crap.

I pulled into the empty space next to it, turned mine off, sat there for a second and just ... blinked.

I just backed into that damn car.

I thought for sure I was closer to the empty spot, but I was so concerned about where Road Rage Dude Who Was About To Clip My Ass On His Way By was , that I just didn't realize I was so close to the other car.

My own fault. Totally. Damn.

Boys - Sooooo ...Whatcha gonna do now Mom?

Kim - Sigh. I'm going to go and see what damage I did. You two STAY HERE!

It was one of those times, so few and far between, when they BOTH listened.

I got out and walked around the front of the other car. By now, I was expecting someone to have come out of the store, freaking at me about the 'incident'.

I didn't want to see the damage :-(

I drive a CRV. This was a little car. Don't ask me what kind. It was a little black car.

Crap Crap Crap!

Then, maybe because it was the Holiday season, maybe because the 'highway angels' were still on our shoulders, (yes, I think we have angels on our shoulders when we need them) whatever the reason, I just stood there, eyes wide, mouth open.

The license plate was bent. I mean it was curled up from the bottom and rolled down from the top kind of bent - but that was it.

I ran my hand around the plate, wiping away leftover snow/slush - nothing.

No dents. No scratches. Nothing but a curled up license plate.

I got back in the truck and told the boys what I'd found.

Boys - So, whatcha gonna do now Mom?

Kim - Now, we wait.

They asked why we had to wait if there was no damage to the other car. And I say only 'the other car' because to be honest, I hadn't even looked at my own. I didn't care. My only concern was what had I done to the OTHER one, and what was it going to cost me.

I wasn't looking forward to explaining to the car's owner that I had backed into it. You never know how people are going to react in these situations.

I knew I was pretty much safe from any 'whiplash' lawsuits resulting from it, but other than that, anything to do with the vehicle, well .. people can get a little freaky about their vehicles.

Nope, wasn't looking forward meeting the owner.

But it was just one of those things that HAD to be done.

I explained to the boys that although there had been no 'serious' damage done to the car, we still had to wait for the owner to come out and explain what happened.

Own up to what I had done.

Not only was it the right thing to do, it would also be considered a hit and run if I simply left.

For about five minutes the boys and I discussed motor vehicle legislation, while I kept an eye on the front door of the store. Watching each person as they came out, getting ready to jump out and ambush the License Plate Roll owner with an explanation and an apology before they could get in their car.

Then, out he came. A man who looked to be in his mid to late 50's. Walking with purpose. Confidence.

And heading straight for us.

I put my hand on the door handle, asked the boys to 'stay here please!' once again, took a deep breath and thought to myself ...

"OK! Time to face the music. Here we go. "

And opened the door ...



Sue said...

Darnit! You did it again! Always teasing me!!! hahaha

Bonnie S. said...

Oh man. Another sequel. LMAO Only you Kim!

Kim's Korner said...

You know the old saying guys ... always leave 'em wanting more ;-p