Sunday, January 18, 2009

MAN! I'm Glad I Hit THAT Car And Not THAT One! - Part II

For those of you just joining us, this is a continuation of MAN! I'm Glad I Hit THAT Car And Not THAT One! You may want to read that first to see how we got here.


No sooner did I start to open my door, then the man veered left and started to walk towards my drivers side. Meaning the passenger side of the car next to me.

I closed my door again.

He couldn't be the driver of the car I'd backed into.

He wasn't.

He got into the small white car directly behind me, sat there for a minute, and busied himself doing 'stuff'.

At first, I thought maybe he had seen me back into the other car, and he was just killing time, waiting to see if I was going to leave or not.

I took one last look at him in my review mirror and then went back to watching the front door of the store.

By now, we'd been there over 15 min, and the boys were starting to get restless.

Boys - Maybe you should go in and see if you can find the person who owns the car.

That thought had also crossed MY mind.

But I was afraid if I went in, and randomly started asking strangers if they owned a little black car, that the one I was looking for would simply walk out of the store, and I'd miss them.

No. Better just to wait.

I was focused on the front door of the store, the boy's back seat conversation vaguely registering over my thoughts of the impending 'I'm sorry I hit your car' conversation, when suddenly ... BANG!!!

What the hell?

I quickly looked around me, nothing. I looked in the rear view mirror ...

Buddy who had been sitting in the little white car behind me had just backed into a big truck directly behind HIM!

I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing.

From what I could see in my mirror, it looked like he had done the EXACT same thing I had, curled up the license plate. From my vantage point, the front end didn't look 'smashed' by any means. I couldn't see any other damage.

Keep in mind, we were in a parking lot, and aside from Road Rage Dude, the rest of us were moving relatively slow.

The boys had turned around, to look out the back window, at the sound of the crash.

Boys - That guy just backed into that truck Mom!

Kim - Yup.

Boys - He just did the same thing YOU did!

Kim - trying to regain adult Mom composure - Uh ... yup.

Boys - Wonder what HE'S gonna do now?

I wondered too.

Turned out there were TWO honest people in the parking lot that day :-)

He pulled back into the spot behind me. Turned it off, and went into the store to find the owner of the truck he'd just hit.

About 5 min later, he comes out with a man, like him in his 50's, and young girl, mid 20's, with a VERY pissed off look on her face.

Right then I could tell, it didn't matter WHAT the damage was to her vehicle, from that look on her face, she was prepared to be angry over it.

Very Angry.

They walked over to her truck, looked at it, talked for a minute, then he walked back over to his car and started digging through the glove box.

Uh oh ... that's never good.

Sure enough, out he comes with paperwork. Yup, she was pissed.

Not sure how much damage could have been done by the small car to the big truck, but whatever it was, it was going through insurance.

Poor guy. He didn't look too happy now either.

Was I going to meet the same fate, if and when the person who owned the car I'D backed into over 25 min ago finally came out of the pharmacy?

Sigh. So much for our 'quick pit-stop'.

I tore my eyes from the mirror and the scene behind me just in time to see her come out.

Another person in their 50's, carrying a couple of bags in each hand. A woman this time. With a grim look on her face. And ... yup ... she was coming toward us.

Boys - Do you think that's her Mom?

Kim - Yup, think so.

Boys - Are you going to go talk to her?

Kim - Yup, stay here please.

Boys - Hope she doesn't get mad like the other lady is.

Kim - Yeah. Meeeeee to.

And so once again, with my head filled with visions of the Pissed Off Truck Chick behind me, and while trying to study the face & determine the personality of the woman walking towards us in 30 seconds or less, I took a deep breath, and opened the door ...



Danie said...

OK, the second time is NOT nice.

Get writing!


Sue said...

You're like a soap opera... one small piece at a time. This is getting interesting.

Bonnie S. said...

LMAO Funny! Keep writing.

Kim's Korner said...

LOL, tune in next time ... ;-)

(and for some reason, I have the muppet voice in my head saying ... "for the stoooory of a quack, who's gone to the dogs!"

Remember that muppet skit?

Ok, I'm getting old and small things amuse me in my old age ;-)