Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh We SummerSlammed! But Bill Got The Last Laugh! Or DID He?

So, I mentioned in my previous post, that the boys had been anticipating the new WWE wrestling Pay-Per-View, SummerSlam.

Unfortunately, we were scheduled to be hit with Hurricane Bill on the same day as the show.

Sunday came.

We waited ... and waited ... and waited.

For the 'Hurricane that wasn't'.

Oh it rained. Hard. And it was windy. Peggy's Cove and local beaches reported HUGE waves and surges.

But we suffered NOTHING like what Hurricane Juan brought us back in 2003.

Which is a good thing. I'm not complaining!

So, with my purse filled with snacks and Kool-Aid Jammers, off we went to the show (and STILL bought popcorn!).

The THREE HOUR show!

You know you really love your kids, when you find yourself sitting through three hours of wrestling.

Oh yeah, we SummerSlammed. And the boys loved it.

But Bill ended up getting the last laugh on us.

Or did he?

We got to the theatre in plenty of time for great seats. Bonus.

The show started, men went flying, and so it went, match after match after match.

Until the final match. The BIG FINALE.

The event we'd waited three hours to see.

The Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Or, better known among the Wrestlemanics as the TLC match.

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk for 'The World Heavyweight Title'

Back and forth they went. Up ladders, landing on ladders, through tables, denting chairs.

Then, after Jeff had slammed CM Punk through the nearest table (again), and you sensed the final moments approaching, the excitement building, it happened ....

The winds from Hurricane Bill knocked out the satellite signal to Empire Theatres.

Five minutes (or so) left in the FINAL match, a title match, and ... poof. Gone. Over.

The theatre was left staring at the blue satellite screen of death.

I'm sure the collective groan heard through the theatre, could be heard through the entire cineplex.

Then the catcalls started, the throwing of popcorn, the general feel of 'natives getting restless'.

Around us, we could hear the grumblings of 'refund' and other strings of colourful expressions that made me want to yell 'People! Kids in the house!!!'.

But we sat there, silently, waiting to see what would happen next.

A couple of minutes into the 'technical difficulties', one of the theatre personnel walked in and started to apologize.

There was nothing they could do. It was due to the storm. The show would not be continuing.

Nobody wanted apologies. They wanted to see Jeff Hardy slam CM Punk's butt through a table!

The low rumblings started once again.

I'd had enough. It was late. Night was over. Show was over. If they were compensating in any way, I wanted to find out BEFORE I left.

So, of course, me being me, and at the sake of embarrassing my kids, I yelled from the back row ...

'Since we missed the end of the LAST match, does that mean we'll be getting a refund?'

WHAT? Everyone was thinking it!

All they could do was say 'No', and we'd be on our way.

You never know unless you ask. Right?

All eyes turned to Theatre Dude.

To which the he replied, 'I'll have to go and get the manager.'

The manager was back in a minute or so, with more apologies, but even better ... he (or maybe it was a she, a few people showed up) offered TWO free tickets to everyone.

They are valid until 2011, and can be used for ANY event. Regular movie or Pay-Per-Views.

They also threw in a couple of $3 off coupons for treats.

It wasn't THEIR fault Bill decided to end the match early. And we HAD seen everything up to these final few minutes.

So that was pretty cool of them. Thank You Empire Theatres

Sure, Bill may have cut the show short, and had a good chuckle to himself over that.

But, as soon as we got home, the boys were able to check online to find out who won that final match.

And even better, they now have their 'free tickets' to Wrestlemania XVI and any other WWE Pay-Per-View event they want to attend next summer.

So, I think WE had the last laugh, Bill.

All the way home from the theatre.



Anonymous said...

The TLC was an amazing match- best of the whole event =]
I'm sorry yu missed it; but if you and the boys want to see it, its there on youtube.
I'll give you the links; It's divided into 4 parts.





Have fun! Jeff was amazing, and ofcourse, CM Punk's *awesome*!

Kim's Korner said...

Anonymous - Thanks SO MUCH! That was ver nice to you to send that! I told Alec first thing this morning, and as soon as he got up, he was on YouTube watching it :-)

Looks like we missed closer to 10 min of the end.

I didn't have time to watch it myself this morning, but I'll be checking it out tonight for sure!

Jeff Hardy IS one of Mama's favourites ya know ;-)

Thanks again! That was REALLY sweet of you!