Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tourists! Welcome To Our Beautiful City! Now ... Smarten the F*#K Up So You Make It Out Alive!

Halifax is a beautiful city.

A port city.

Many cruise ships stop here.

Pic taken from HERE

Many tourists walk our streets.

OK, so these ones are lined up along the waterfront, not on the street. You GET my drift!

The tourists arrive in droves to visit many of our city's events.

For the Tall Ships - with their Parade of Sail

Or, the two week Busker Festival

Pic taken from HERE

Pic taken from HERE

And many other great events that take place in our lively city.

With so many tourists in the heart of downtown Halifax, it gets very busy.

Especially during end of day rush hour, with everyone escaping their cubes, all trying to get home as fast as they can, to enjoy a bit of end of the day sunshine.

I think it's wonderful that so many people want to visit our city.

Walk our streets.

See our sights.

Buy our stuff.

But, Tourists, if you can hear me, I'd like to give you one small piece of unsolicited advice.


Lower Water Street is one of the busiest streets in Halifax at end of day rush hour.

Look how close that white car is to my butt! Bumper to bumper I tell ya!

Lower Water is also a busy tourist street. They're EVERYWHERE on that street!

And here's the problem ...

Many, not all, but many, DON'T use crosswalks!

People! Do they not have crosswalks where you come from?

'Oh look, a lull in traffic! Honey, grab the kid's hands, we're making a run for it between these two slowly moving cars!'

Tourists! Are you kidding me?

Walk another 20ft and there's a crosswalk RIGHT THERE!!!

Don't be grabbing your kid's hand, and trying to zoom through the slow moving cars, with your kid flying out behind you!

I know you like our city, but really, you don't want to become a part of Lower Water Street THAT bad, do you?

Although I'm picking on the tourists, regular old Haligonians are guilty of it too.

Including the bikers!

'Oh ... I think I'll cross ... HERE!'

Thankfully, here in the Maritimes, we're usually a polite bunch 'o folk.

We WILL stop to let cars out in front of us. And we will pause for pedestrians that cross our paths.

But, Tourists, seriously ... don't take your chances running through this ...

with your kids trailing out behind you, trying to keep up.

Please, for the love of Halifax, use THIS instead!

Pic taken from HERE

We DO like you visiting. But we'd also like to see you leave.


Have a nice day in our beautiful city!

Thank you.

Please come again!



Andrea said...

Hey, just stopped by from SITS. I hate it when people don't use crosswalks!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

How crazy is that, not using sidewalks in a FOREIGN country. OK, in America, we have crosswalks, there is NO excuse. Although we are also spoiled and selfish and entitled and complete pigs (and that's when we put some effort into it, otherwise, we're just lazy). I would like to apologize for my rude countrymen and only hope that it's not only Americans that are so stupid. Although it probably is.

And how do you get Haligonians from Halifax? It sounds awfully close to Hooligans!

Stopping by from SITS.

You do have a lovely city. I hope you have a fabulous day!

- Margaret

Kim's Korner said...

Andrea - Welcome! Thanks for visiting, and feel free to stop by the Korner anytime!

NGIP - OMIGOD! OK, here's the thing, when I first started exploring the blogsphere, YOU were one of the first ones I discovered ... and LOVED! YOU were one of the ones I first read and said 'wow, she's GOOD!'

So for me, this is too cool that you've stopped by, and said hello :-)

Thanks for that!

And I don't believe it's just Americans ;-)

As for Haligonians? No idea. I only transplanted here 20some yrs ago, and the phrase was here long before me lol.