Friday, August 21, 2009

SummerSlam? Or Just Plain Slammed?

SummerSlam is a Pay-Per-View event on WWE.

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I don't subscribe to each one of these (almost monthly) events. They cost 'extra' money I don't always have.

However, a few months ago, we did attend one at Empire Theatres. The boys LOVED it on the big screen.

When they started announcing SummerSlam on Smackdown and RAW, over a month ago, the boys asked if we could go to the theatre again.

I told them, 'Sure! As long as you save your allowance for the three weeks beforehand, and pay for your own tickets.'

And they did.

I couldn't believe it.

They both wanted to see SummerSlam, to the point they were willing to give up three weeks worth of treats piece of crap toy movies cash for the tickets.

Not only was I amazed, but also impressed.

Empire Theatres, Sunday night, 9pm. That was the plan.

Until Hurricane Bill decided to join us here in Nova Scotia. He's scheduled to move in Sunday evening.

At the moment, as a Cat 2.

In Sept 2003, we were hit with Hurricane Juan.

It wasn't pretty.

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Pic taken from HERE

Juan was said to have swept through Nova Scotia and PEI as a 'high 1 - low 2'

It's on everybody's mind and lips. The coming 'storm'.

People are making preparations. Just in case.

We remember Juan all too well.

Both at the day camp this afternoon, and the ball field this evening, the same words were being carried on the wind, over the crowd - 'expecting high 2 - low 3 ...'


If that's what we get, it's NOT going to be pretty. Again.

I've been following it on Stormpulse.

This was Bill this morning.

This is Bill 12 hrs later.

Halifax is up there on the right. Feel free to enlarge.

Now, the plan is, wait for the forecast.

If Bill is downgraded to a tropical storm or less, we'll probably attempt SummerSlam.

If Sunday's warning contains the word 'Hurricane' ... we stay home and get slammed by wind, rain, and fear of the past.

So ... what's it going to be Mother Nature? Huh? SummerSlam, or just plain Slammed?



AquarianJwl said...

Hope everything turns out alright and you get to go to Summerslam.

Stopped by from SITS! =D

CraftyLzrd said...

Soo.... what happened? Hope Bill didn't ruin your weekend!

Kim's Korner said...

AquarianJwl - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by the Korner! Hope you return to find out if we were hit with Bill, or hit the theatre :-)

Lzrd - Well now if I told you, that would ruin the next post that's about to go up shortly, wouldn't it ;-p