Friday, August 7, 2009

Just The Facts Ma'am

So you know I was on vacation last week.

Reunion, living at the beach, blah, blah, blah.

I won't fill you in on a weeks worth of itinerary. But I will highlight a few things I
thought were fun and/or interesting.

Sorry, no Six Part Series like last year ;-)

The boys spent 99% of their week in the water.

Mom bought a new tube. The neighbours have a sea-doo.

For much of my week, this was my view of the boys.

We have beautiful sunsets at the beach.

And GREAT bonfires

Took the boys to the Hospitality Days Parade. Unfortunately I forgot the camera.

We happened to pick a spot at the beginning of the parade and ended up being pelted with candy from the majority of passing floats/trucks/random people walking by.

It was like Halloween! I didn't realize I should have brought a bag to carry it all home in.

I had to duck an incoming onslaught! TWICE!

And thank you Lori and Superstore, for the drinks as you went by!

One night, we watched the Hospitality Days Fireworks being set off on the water.
All fireworks pics taken by Gilles.

In the rain.

Under umbrellas

It was AWESOME!!!!

Each summer we go home, we try to play mini-golf.

Last week

Same spot - three years ago

Watched Marley & Me with Alec one night, after Adam fell asleep.

OMIGOD! We laughed. But I also cried. And I cried and cried.

Wonderful movie! Watch it!

N'uff said.

One afternoon, Alec and I stopped by my old high school.
Someone had told me about the memorial being constructed, for The Boys in Red.

A year and a half ago, tragedy struck my hometown when a van, carrying the HS boys basketball team, lost control, and slid into the path of an oncoming transport truck.

Seven of the nine players, as well as the Coach's wife died in that crash.

This is the memorial that has been constructed in their memory, behind the school.

It's not yet complete, but it looks like it's going to be a nice spot.

Each of the players names are on the plaques.

We went to see my father.

Some may think it morbid, but weather permitting, the boys and I always go to the graveyard when I'm home.

We have a short visit. I tell him how much I miss him. Then we leave.

I've noticed as the boys have gotten older, (and now that they can do math lol) they will look at the headstones they pass and will notice how old a person was when they died.

No matter which path we take, it will always bring about an 'Awww look mom, he was only a baby. She was only 16. This guy died in 1902! '

And then all of a sudden 'This guy must have been rich! Look at the size of that one!'
Brings about all sorts of discussion on the drive home.

The morning we left, the price of gas went up. From $0.93 to $0.97.

When we reached the end of the side road, we could either turn left, hit the gas station, then the highway, or right, out of our way to a gas station, then backtrack and head to the highway.

I went right.

Still not sure why. Would have been easier to go the other way, but I went right.

Got the gas, went into the store, and made a comment about the rise in price.

That's when I notice the guy on the phone, looking more than a little peeved.

The clerk rings me in and said 'Yeah, we can't get the price to change though'.

Peeved Phone Dude pipes up and says 'I'm on the phone with head office now, we can't get the computers to change the price. So you're still paying yesterday's price.'

Well WOOHOO for me! Happy dance at the gas bar counter!

Drive home was horrible.

Kids were great, but it rained. SHEETS of rain, for the first 2.5 hrs of the trip.

Once we hit the Nova Scotia border ... no rain. LITERALLY. It was like crossing the imaginary weather line.


No rain.

Ahhh it was good to be home!

My final weekend of Vacation 2009, ended with the boys going to their father's, a girls night out, and a bit of down time.

And those, Ma'am, were just the facts.



Employee No. 3699 said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation! I like how you take a picture each year in the same spot. We do that every year with the grandkids when we visit the pumpkin patch.

Kim's Korner said...

Yeah, we did have a good week, thanks :-)

I just wish I took pics like that more often!

While we were on the 'course', I told my mom I had a pic of my ex and my dad, in pretty much the same spot, 18yrs ago LOL.