Friday, September 4, 2009

Back To School With Brad Paisley!

Our first day back to school here was Wednesday.

Alec started grade 8.

Adam started grade 4.

Me? I'm just feeling OLD! ;-)

Turned out, it was an AWESOME day, all the way around.

I worked from home that day, and after I got the boys off to school, I checked my work email.

First message I read, was one asking me to confirm that I'd be at an interview the next day.

This was GREAT news!

No, I didn't get a new job. However, after five years of being a Business Analyst on my current project, I was interested in moving on to something else, within the same organization.

My new role as an Instructional Developer isn't quite ready for me yet. Work is coming down the pipeline, but not ready to actually start.

So, instead of 'sitting on the bench' as it's known in our field, I looked around for something to tide me over.

The email I received was asking me to interview in a new location, on a different part of the project as a Software Tester.

I JUMPED at it!

Taking on a new role at a new location means ... Goodbye 1hr commute! Goodbye Pay for Parking! Goodbye Downtown Halifax gridlock!

Helllllooooooo Dartmouth, your kickass 20 min commute and free parking!


Yes. That started off my day juuuuuuussssst right!

Then, as I continued to skim through my messages, another one jumped out at me ...

"You like Country music ..."

Well yes, yes I do. Anyone who knows me knows that :-)

I opened it to find the BEST surprise of the day!

Brad Paisley, Dierks Bently and Jimmy Wayne were in town, performing at the Metro Centre.

At $80 a seat, I wasn't going.

Until, that is, I read that message ....

It was from a former co-worker, who had seats in a skybox for the show THAT NIGHT, and wanted to know if I was interested in going.


You're damned right I did!

And WHAT a concert it was!

I invited another friend to go with us. A skybox will hold 12 people, we had the whole thing to ourselves!


Jimmy Wayne was the first to take the stage ...

Then, it was Dierks Bently

Then ...

Then ...

WOOHOO! It was Brad Paisley, Baby!


Fantastic show!

I'd start back to school with Brad Paisley and these boys ANY DAY!

Thanks again, D! I had a GREAT time!



Employee No. 3699 said...

Congrats on the new job assignment!

It looks like it was a fabulous concert. I'm glad you were able to go...and for free with great seats to boot!

Good for you all around!

Kim's Korner said...

3699 - You're back! Hope you're feeling better!

Thanks, it WAS a great day, night, concert ... the whole 9 yards :-)

And yes, the whole FREE part did not go un-noticed LOL.

Jillian said...

Ooooo... I love me some Dierks! Brad isn't too bad either.. hee hee!
Thanks for stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great weekend!