Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's A Teeny Tiny Fire On My Stove!

As some of you know, I love candles.

We have pets. I occasionally burn breakfast/lunch/dinner ... I need candles.

I LOVE the good candles, I just can't always splurge on them.

And most times, I figure a candle's, a candle's, a candle.


Most times.

Last spring, I was asked to review a new Febreze product line.

Including their candles.


In that review, one of the things I pointed out, was how after 30 hrs, the wax burned almost completely away.

I was impressed.

Last night, I was standing at the sink, cleaning up after dinner.

One boy was upstairs, one was down. I was alone in the kitchen. Hands in suds, staring absently out the window.

All of a sudden, there was this mini explosion to my right.

Something between a loud pop and a crash.

I looked at the stove and saw the candle holder that had been sitting on it

The cheap, Dollar Store candle holder that was now shattered.

A spray of wax covered the surface of the stove, with the exception of one spot that had pooled, and had the wick/flame still burning in the middle of it.

Glass everywhere.

That's fire.


On my stove!

Blink Blink

There's a teeny tiny fire on my stove!

Run for the camera ... or blow it out?

As you can see, I blew it out BEFORE I ran for the camera.

This my friends, is what a cheap candle holder looks like.

That's it! Time to move up to the $3.95 Wal-mart brand!

Oh, and I will happily accept (the $8), Febreze Brazilian Carnaval® candles for Christmas this year, Mom ;-)


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