Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do You Get Extra Credit For THOSE Exams?

Claws McPurr is our male cat.

He hasn't been fixed yet.

He's overdue, and yes, will be going shortly for the snip snip.

After dinner, Adam was holding him. Cuddling with him.

He looked over at me and said "Hey Mom, he's got a big ball sack!"

To which I replied, "Yes ... yes he does."

Then he looks at Claws lovingly and says "You need to go for a Prostitute exam Buddy!"

I wasn't quite finished eating yet, and almost choked on a mouthful of spaghetti.

Me: "WHAT did you just say to him?"

Adam: "I told him he needs a prostitute exam."

My reaction told him what he said wasn't quite ... right.

He then looked at me and asked "What does that mean, Mom?"

When I felt it was safe to speak again, without laughing or choking, I explained.

"I think you mean PROSTATE exam, Hun. Not a PROSTITUTE exam." And gave him a basic explanation of the difference.

Hmmmm, I wonder what school you'd have to go to for Prostitution, and if you get extra credit for THOSE exams?!?!?!

If I can take away something good from this conversation, it's that my 9yr old doesn't (well, didn't) know what a prostitute is. WooHoo!


P.S. And yes, I did ask Adam if I could write this post :-)


Bonnie S. said...

hahahaha Good one!!

Kim's Korner said...

They may drive me insane at times, but they're a constant source of entertainment ;-)