Sunday, September 13, 2009

Delirious for Eddie!

Last night, I saw a video link on someone's Facebook page, that immediately brought me back to my youth.

So Jane B, today's post is all your fault!!! ;-)

I enjoyed that 10 minute clip SO much, I spent this morning watching the full length video on YouTube.

What? My kids are with their father this weekend. If I want to waste my Sunday morning watching YouTube videos, so be it!

Back in 1983, a 22yr old man, a comedian, hit the stage in Washington, DC.

He made fun of celebrities, taboo topics, and every day people, especially his family.

He brought the audience to tears with laughter.

And man ... could he SWEAR!!!

That man's name was Eddie Murphy, and this particular comedy act was, DELIRIOUS.

I wasn't allowed to watch Delirious. I was 12 when it was released.

My family had gotten a VCR around my 12th birthday, but it would be YEARS later before Delirious or RAW ever made it into that machine.

My father wasn't the type of dad who 'approved' of that type of humour.

Oh, I'm sure he laughed his shit off when I WASN'T in the room. I mean, come on, it was Eddie Murphy! But there was no way he'd ever let on that it was 'acceptable' humour in front of his only daughter.

I can still very clearly remember one afternoon, when I was in Jr High, I had a couple of friends over.

We were crowded around my cassette player, in the basement.

The three of us, sitting on the floor, huddled around the 'boombox', which was turned on ONLY loud enough for us to hear.


Because somehow, I'd managed to get a cassette tape copy of Delirious, and we were trying to be quiet, and LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF, while my dad was upstairs in the kitchen.

I still don't know if he ever knew exactly what we were listening to, and laughing at. Although, I'm sure on some level, he knew it was something we weren't supposed to be listening to.

For years later, the minute someone said "ICE CREAM! THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING", I'd lose it laughing. Or 'It's the Fart Game son, you'll play it some day!', would be enough to start the 13yr old boy in me giggling.

Because, YES, damnit! I HAD an older cousin who would ALWAYS sit on my head and let one rip!

He wasn't as funny as Eddie about it though!

My kids know Eddie Murphy from movies like Daddy Daycare, Dr Doolittle, and of course, as the voice of Donkey in Shrek.

They love Eddie Murphy.

But not for the same reasons that their mother does.

Not for the memories of being a 15yr old girl, sitting crossed legged on the floor in her basement with her friends, huddled over the 'forbidden tape', somewhat crushing on a foul mouthed, politically incorrect, grabbin' his dick every 2min, bad boy Comedian.

And lovin' every minute of it.

I'm seriously looking forward to the day I can share with my boys, the experience of Delirious, RAW (not as funny IMO), and the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

So they can see the 'young' Eddie.

When they're old enough to 'appreciate' him.

And how he made so many of us laugh, with his racy, politically incorrect comedy, and foul mouth.

Admit it! You LAUGHED at The Ice Cream Man!

I can't wait for the day I can bring home the Delirious DVD and say 'HERE! Let's watch THIS tonight!' (that's assuming they're still willing to watch movies with their 'ol Ma when they're 18 lol).

When they're old enough to enjoy the adulterated comic genius of ...

*** WARNING!!!! Extremely foul and crass language contained in the following clips! May be offensive to some ****

There. You've been warned.

Either skip to the end, or simply go away now if you don't like bad language.

ALEC! Leave NOW! I WILL hear you, and I WILL know exactly what you're laughing at!

The Ice Cream Man

Did anyone else have a shoe-throwing Mom like Eddie?

We all have Eddie Murphy to thank, for making The Fart Game a household catchphrase!

And of course, who could forget everyone's favourite family Cookout?


Awww Eddie!

Thanks for the laughs 20yrs ago, and thanks for the laughs that were JUST AS FUNNY this morning!

Yup, over 20yrs later, and I'm STILL Delirious for Eddie!

Hmmm ... isn't he single again? Wonder if I can stalk find him on Facebook?


P.S. I'm sorry if some of you (Mom) still find him offensive. He's definitely not for everyone. But I simply take it/him for what it is ... damn funny.


Bonnie S. said...

I can totally quote that WHOLE movie word for word. LOL I remember being at Peter Roy's house when that video was released and his dad wouldn't let us all watch it either. Just made us want to see it all the more. LOL And I have the DVD. Love it. Gooney Goo Goo!!

jeanine p said...

yes, I'm so glad you were late to the SITs sharefest ! thx for stopping by :) jtrophy

Kim's Korner said...

Bon - LOL Gooney Goo Goo to you too! :-) Nice to see there are others who can appreciate a good Eddie.

I have to admit, I think I loved him even more in Daddy Daycare ;-)

Jeanine - Welcome! And thanks to you too for dropping by the Korner.