Saturday, September 26, 2009

WWE Rocked Halifax!

Last year, I took the boys to a neighbouring province to see the WWE wrestlers, for Wrestlemania Revenge.

It was a GREAT three hour show.

Last weekend at this time, the WWE boys were here in Halifax.

Oh yeah. We went to the show!

Not everyone who was rumoured to be there was there, so that was a bit disappointing. And the fact Batista wasn't there ... THAT was disappointing.

And it was only a two hour show.

But, there were a few 'headliner' matches, and we had AWESOME seats, so we were happy.

Unfortunately, we missed most of the first match, while trying to get into the parkade across the street, then trying to find our seats.

Since we missed most of that one ... no pics of Evan Bourne :-(

Not sure who these guys were. Primo, maybe?

Started to get into the show when Santino Marella came out.
I like Santino. He's funny!
No idea who the guy in the black speedo is though.

The Miz - Or as I call him The Mouth!

Kofi Kingston. I like him too! LOTS of energy!

The Divas.
I think that's Alicia Fox in blue.
Can't remember who the other girl is. Sorry.

I'm ashamed to say, in this day and age, there were STILL idiots in the crowd loudly chanting, 'Take it OFF! Take it OFF! Take it OFF!'

I'd like to apologize to these women, for the Dirtbags of my city.

I don't believe I heard any 'Take it OFF' when any of the GUYS were out there, Folks!

And they are Wrestlers, NOT Strippers!

Then, out came Legacy's Ted Dibiase Jr & Cody Rhodes - Sons of Hall of Fame Superstars, Dusty Rhodes, and The Million Dollar Man - Ted Dibiase.

These guys 'play' huge JERKS! Yes Boys! You know you do!

... and his partner in the tag team match, Mark Henry. 'The World's Strongest Athlete'. Interestingly enough, this guy was actually an Olympic athlete before he got into the Wrestling Biz.

Then the last match of the night - Randy Orton vs John Cena. WOOHOO!

First, Randy came out.

Then John

He was ready to GO!

Unfortunately, Randy had the upper hand most of the match :-(

But the Good Guys prevailed in the end ;-)

Some random couple in the audience.

He gave Cena a letter before the show, asking if he could propose to his girlfriend at the end of the night. Cena said 'sure' and called them up.

This is right after she said 'YES!'.

Although, in my opinion, last year's show was better, it was a still a good night overall.

WWE Rocked Halifax!

Boys had a good time. They walked away with a couple of new Cena shirts, great memories, and big smiles :-)

Now, don't wait another five years before you come back, WWE Boys & Divas!

And next time, we want The ANIMAL!


And Triple H, Big Show, Mickie James, one or both of the Hardy Boyz, and that little cutie, Shane McMahon.

And a 3hr show, please. There is EASILY three hours worth of talent on the roster. Halifax loved you! USE IT!

Thanks much!


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My boys are huge wrestling fans!